Julep Maven Monthly Box Review & Get One Box Free!

Now when I joined Julep Maven, I answered the survey questions and I am a “Classic with a Twist”, I believe that the survey was right on with my results. However, I have a other sides to me too, so I tested out (successfully) the option to change your classification. It worked, and I chose Boho Glam for my first box. Now the box I received said December Mystery Box and boy oh boy the colors I received in nail polish were just the prefect Celebratory Colors for the Holidays and more.

Fun with my Julep Maven Box December 013
I had FUN playing with the December Julep Maven Box. To see this picture larger, click on the image.

I also received their Lipgloss and it’s a beautiful gentle product that has moisturized my lips even through the ultra dry winter in Colorado and the forced air heat. I have problems and had them before using the gloss, with dry lips and literally this year I kept having one part of my lip split open. OUCH! I tried bonnie bell lip gloss, a product from my youth and it was a 3 pack that I purchased, not only did the limited addition classic Bonnie Bell Lip Flavors not smell or taste like they used to, but they didn’t work. And here I kept one on the side table where I sit, but one in my purse and another flavor in the bathroom by my facial products. If anything that product made my dry lips worse… talk about disappointment!

In my package I also got Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers, don’t tell anyone, but this I am actually saving for someone who can use it for the oils on their skin, so I haven’t tested them out. I think I will place that in a themed gift basket for a young lady. 🙂

In the box I did find some samples Luxe Repair, 2 samples with the cards explaining what they are. Truthfully I haven’t tested them out either as I am testing out a facial cleansing regime and I don’t want to spoil that test for an upcoming review.

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free
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