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Hi there friends, it’s the Dog Days of Summer and a great time to review more items for the dogs in our lives. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a Representative of Pork Chomps by Scott Pet for some treats for our Canine Fur Kids. Needless to say my dogs really LOVE reviewing products for the blog and they have eagerly munched away joyfully on their treats.

Pork Chomps Logo: Premium Pork ChompsThese treats are very unusual, they act like the rawhides that can keep our dogs busy chewing away, however they are made of expanded baked Pork Skin. These are a healthy alternative to rawhide.

As usual I did my research on the new treats, reading through the documents that I was sent, as well as their Pork Chomps Website. I learned about the great health benefits for our dogs, with these treats.

From the Pork Chomps Website:

Showing the large variety of products in the Pork Chomps line

Pork Chomps are more digestible than rawhide because they are made from skin not hide. Rawhide was just an inexpensive byproduct of the cattle industry, and virtually has no flavor on its own. That is why most rawhide is basted, stuffed or sugarcoated, in order to interest pets. Pork Chomps are also better than rawhide chews for dogs because of Scott Pet’s proprietary, patented expanding process wherein 70% of the pork’s fat is removed, creating a more natural dog chew that is a cleaner product with reduced grease and odor.

Here are a few paragraphs about these dog treats in on of the documents that I received, that I thought were of most interest:

Pet parents have been searching for a rawhide-alternative chew that they can feel safe giving to their pets,” said Scott Pet President and C.E.O Mike Bassett. “So, we commissioned a first-of-its-kind study last year to prove that expanded, baked pork skin chews are more digestible than rawhide.”

Bassett said the study (located at http://www.journalofanimalscience.org/content/90/12/4355), conducted by the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences and Department of Animal Sciences at Purdue University, found that Pork Chomps were 99.9% digestible compared to rawhide chews, which were only 50-85% digestible. Digestibility is imperative since dogs often times swallow large chunks of chews, which can lead to intestinal blockages if it isn’t completely digested.

In addition, the study showed that dogs that had eaten Pork Chomps products had reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels – a health benefit that rawhide chews can’t provide, Bassett said.

Pork Chomps products are also better than rawhide chews because of Scott Pets’ proprietary, patented expanding process wherein 70% of the pork’s fat is removed, creating a cleaner, easier to digest product that has longer shelf life. The process also removes unsightly color from the pork skin while reducing odor and grease







I couldn’t wait for the treats to arrive, at last something that perhaps my dogs could really chew on, like a rawhide and wouldn’t make my dogs sick with diarrhea? Well we will see.

Pork Chomps Baked Pork Knotz 1I received the box of Pork Chews and when I opened them I admit that I was petrified at first, wondering what I was thinking when I said okay to them, as the chews look almost identical to rawhides. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, my dogs have sensitive tummies and they have problems with some foods, well this extends to raw hide chews too. They have a rough time (or should I say “ruff time” lol) with their digestion when it comes to rawhide chews, as a result they get a bad case of diarrhea. So we had to take the dogs off rawhides all together.

The box that I received had a great variety of Pork Chomps for my dogs to try out and I must say that, although my dogs are considered Medium size dogs, a majority of the chews are more than ample in size for them… I should have requested the small dog size for them instead. But they receive more carrots for little snacks during the day as a result, which is also very good for them. Lol

Pork Chomps Baked Pork Knotz test with Mr PeanutPork Chomps Baked Pork Knotz test with Mr Peanut











One day I realized that I could feed my dogs both a different treat so I fed Mr. Peanut (he’s a avid chewer and chews away on any large treat very fast) the Pork Chomp Knotz, which are pretty big. And I gave Tiny Dog the same, and though this was the second time he had this treat, Tiny Dog decided to guard it while on my lap after briefly nibbling at it. I thought I was being smart when I suddenly thought about Tiny Dog and the fact that his more of a nipper, trying to chew with his front teeth mostly and that his mouth was not nearly as large as his big brother, Mr. Peanut. So what did I do? I took the bone away and fed him one of the stick like ones Pork Chomps Baked Twistz and he went to town on it. Suddenly, there was a fight and Mr. Peanut won the prize he wanted the Twistz. Silly me, I didn’t think about the different flavor with the Twistz as it had sweet potato in it. Mr Peanut guarded his own while chomping at Tiny Dog’s treat, so we had to take both treats away. Mommy (me) learned her lesson on that day, from now on they get the same treat.

When I purchase more, I aim now for the smaller treats to accommodate the smaller mouth on Tiny Dog, since he will use his back teeth some, but he mostly nibbles and nips to the treats. If I had just the one dog, Mr. Peanut,  I would just go with the larger sized Pork Chomps as they are just perfect for him.

Pork Chomps sweet potato wrapped Tiny dog begging and Mr Peanut looking onI also tested the Pork Chomps and versus the rawhide with Mr. Peanut, since he is my big chewer. Mr Peanut, with the two at his side chose the Pork Chomps to work on. Nice, I can see why they say that it is preferred over rawhide’s 9 to 1, my older dog really prefers the Pork Chomp.

I found a huge list of retailers, that sell Pork Chomps, on their website

In their list they include Walgreens, PetSmart & Big Lots all of which aren’t too far away for me. This is a big plus being able to shop near me for the Pork Chomps and my Walgreens is really close, and where I buy mine currently. Yes I have bought these recently and I plan to check out the prices at Big Lots to see if I save even more.

They also have a promotion on right now in their online store for Free Shipping in the month of August! Yay! I won’t have to travel at all, and I can have them delivered to my door.

Pork Chomps sweet potato wrapped Tiny dog begging and Mr Peanut looking onIn Conclusion:

I have to say that this is a fantastic alternative to the raw hides! And I am aware that giving them something to chew on is good for their dental health and takes care of their instincts to chew as well, so it’s wonderful that the dogs have something good to chew on again. This not only is good for them but for me too as it keeps them busy and out of my hair for a time. And I don’t have to deal with any problems with their digestion and intensity of the dogs, looking for constant attention, when their belly’s were upset from rawhides.

And as far as my dogs are concerned, these Pork Chomps are “The Bomb!”

Dog Looking at www.honestlymariah.com website. Wow! Win Dog Treats at www.HonestlyMariah.com? Woof!Now for the giveaway!

2 U.S. winners 2 bags of Premium Pork Chomps each!

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Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received a dog treats for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Pork  Chomps and me.

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  1. Pork Chomps is a proprietary brand of Scott Pet, a leading manufacturer of healthy dog chews in the pet industry since 1975

  2. Pork Chomps are a healthy dog chew made from baked pork skin without dyes, fillers or rawhide and are stainless & odor free!

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