Big Ouchies for Men Skinny Dipping in the News

Hi folks, have you been skinny dipping lately? Me? Well I always wanted to, but wouldn’t dare, the couple of times I was invited. lol Okay, seriously now, it’s been a while since I posted anything from the News other than recalls related to my readers health. This time I am posting about another health risk, okay death warning.

News Boy with animated words "EXTRA"My husband told me about this story this morning and he posted about it on his blog (the link to his post is near the bottom on this post). This news story made me cringe and shocked me… and the story was very upsetting to my husband imagining this terrifying death to skinny dipping men.

Pacu fish TeethThere is a fish in the news that was native to South America, it’s called the Pacu Fish. These fish are related to Piranha (but much larger than the Piranha growing up to 55 lbs). The Pacu likes to eat coconuts that falls from the trees. Well, it’s been found in the US now, as people put their “pet” fish, for whatever reason into our lakes. Well, these teeth on the fish look human and they have killed some men who skinny dip!

Well, I guess the Coconuts and ummm for the lack of a better word (and very appropriate for this post) ummm… they look at “nuts” and mistaken them for their favorite eats! The men attacked by these fish have bled to death. Can you imagine? YIKES!

mens chainmail thongHere is the thoughts and perspectives on this from “The Old Fat Man“, my husband, and I thought you may enjoy reading his post. 🙂 The Old Fat Man, recommends chain-mail thongs, and I think that, if you must swim naked men, I’d recommend a good shave… perhaps would help. I found the picture below while looking for 2 coconuts side by side for this post and I started ROFL, so I had to include it here (below).

Coconuts and a Razor

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