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I have a wonderful review of plus size clothing for you from a wonderful company that I’ve worked with in the past, Alight. You can read my past review of their clothing HERE. I was fortunate enough to be accepted for another review and giveaway for you lovely plus sized women out there in internet land. – the best in plus size fashion sizes 14-28! As Seen In: Glamour, InStyle, Business Week, The New York Times and moreFor my review I received a lovely top from them that is perfectly airy for with a summer top underneath it and there are so many ways to wear it. It looks great with a white short sleeved top under it, or a purple tank top, this would be perfect for any time of the year. I also think that if the side ties hit you at your waist, like it did with me, it would be perfect belted. I have to say that this top is perfect for summer for me, since I don’t like the show “my wings” (the flabby back side of my arms as a result of my weight loss of 50 lbs, 3 years ago). In these sweltering hot days of summer, I feel so very enclosed in most of my clothing that hides those upper arm “wings” it’s stifling… however with this top I feel free, breezy and cool as the delicate fabric lets air circulate and keeps me cool and fashionable.

 Mariah In Alight Shirt with white shirt underneath
Mariah In Alight Shirt with white shirt underneath. This was taken earlier in the day before some chores, these colors are more true than the next pictures of me in the top.

I can see this top for all seasons, a smart choice for back to school as well since there are so very many ways to wear it. Wear a top like this with a skirt, over a short sleeved dress, with dress pants or jeans. How about dressing it up with nice jewelry for a change, pearls would look fantastic with this for a real classic way to dress up, how about long chained necklace or a choker, in silver, gold, black or any color that goes with the multiple colors that are in a top like this?

Picture Mariah of Oh Honestly Mariah modeling shirt
modeling shirt from Alight. lol You can tell I was using the remote to try and take my own pictures.

And for a top with this particular blouse, how about a beautiful camisole? Make it lacy or a filmy silk or satin, in coordinating colors or a simple white or cream color. Now looking through their website I didn’t find this top, I found some other gorgeous tops that would work just the same way. Nothing like a filmy top that will work for all seasons, just change what you wear underneath it, how about a long sleeved t-shirt or a tight light weight sweater or a turtle neck.

Picture Mariah of Oh Honestly Mariah with hand out
Me with my Shirt on… Feels like Rain? You can tell that this picture and the other one was taken later in the day, almost sunset…. strange what that does to the colors with my camera

A lot of the items I found at Alight could be grouped with multiple other items in their store to make many outfits with just a shirt or two, a dress, a skirt, pants, leggings and a cute shrug. This is THE WAY to shop for back to school, whether it be college or High School, or for us Mom’s out there, why not treat yourself to back to school celebration clothing too and be the hottest, coolest Mom around? We cannot forget to take care of ourselves some too. 🙂

A light weight breezy top from Alight, it's called "Just Great Top"
One of the tops I’ve been drooling over on Alight’s website.

I love to sew on my sewing machines (when I find the time), in the past I’ve done everything on my sewing machines, from sewing my own clothing to sewing my curtains. I even had my sewing in the county fair in Minnesota as a teenager and I had many complements on my sewing by the judges, though I don’t recall my receiving any ribbons for it…lol Anyway I had to check out things on this top, to share with you as well, below are my findings.

a brownish/rust dress very 70's look
On the Casual Dress Side… a nice relaxed 70’s appeal. Gotta love the gathering right under the bust, for the Gals with a bit of a tummy it will hide it and accent the bust.
Mixed Up Dress
Pretty in Pink with the “Mixed Up Dress” that I found at Alight… very beautiful and summery. Add a pink shrug or cardigan and it will see you through Fall and Spring too.
Olive Floral Gardens Dress
Perfect for the Holidays, any Occasion in which you’d want to dress up. An evening out, Anniversary’s and would look great for a Fall Mother of the Bride.
Pink Craze Cardigan
This would look great with the “Mixed Up Dress” as seen above. Don’t you just LOVE Pink?
Red Red Rose Gown
A beautiful Gown, I see it for Proms, Homecoming Dances, and Pair it with a nice Black, Red or White Shrug and why not wear it for Christmas! Shouldn’t every Woman have a Red Dress? I think so… there are lovely shorter red dresses at Alight too!


Red Strapless Jeweled Bodice Fitted Gown
Now this is what I dream of wearing one day. Isn’t this just the perfect show stopper for a Fancy Dress Occasion. This was a last minute addition tp to the blog… so the name of the dress isn’t on the picture. This is also on Alight’s Website and it’s called: Red Strapless Jeweled Bodice Fitted Gown.

I checked the seams on my beautiful new top, and they are pure perfection, sewn just right, not a missing stitch nor was the stitching crooked in any way. This top could not possibly be a second, though with the great prices at Alight I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had bought seconds to sell. The material itself is perfect as well, the fabric’s design isn’t miss printed or any areas of it didn’t seem to be pulled or sparse in threading.

Mixing it up my Classic Look for a beautiful Black Classic Dress an embroidered black shrug that I found on Alight
mixing it up my Classic Look for a dress and shrug that I found on Alight. To find these items search the names on Alight.

While looking around there site, I see so many wonderful items for sale, from Formal Wear, to Casual, from pants, tops and sweaters to dresses. I found some great plus size dresses at Alight, and I couldn’t believe the selection, alight has really grown since I last visited their site. Below are just a few examples of the dresses that really caught my eye.


Alight mixing it up Playful Look with dark brown asemetrical dress, navy leggings and a black 6 strand necklace
Alight mixing it up Playful Look. On here are the names that you can search for on Alight to find these items.

All in all, whatever your budget, you are sure to find the perfect outfit at Alight. I had a lot of fun looking around their site and have dreams of saving up for a gown someday, just so I have something for special occasions. I have also found some excellent prices on some great basics for everyday wear that are fun to mix and match.

Now enough of that, lets get to the giveaway… if you are a Gal that wears plus size or you know someone who is, this is the perfect surprise gift giveaway. This prize will be in the size you ask for (if you win) but the item you receive will be a fun mystery! Don’t you just love surprises? I know that I do and I was pleasantly surprised when I received my top! fashions for sizes 14W - 28W


Now the rules of this one, in order to win you MUST sign up for their Newsletter… sorry but those are the rules, but I tell you it is well worth getting these emails from them as you can watch for their great deals! US & Canada and 18+.
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Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product & checked out their website. I received a shirt for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Alight and me.

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  1. I have a hard time narrowing down what I would like at Alight but I think at this time I would like this -New Nation Top

  2. I like the black maxi dress. the ones with the tie around neck always suit my figure better…not sure

  3. I would love to buy the “Camel Faux Suede Jacket by Last Kiss.” The “Coral Trip Dress” is beautiful too, though.

  4. I love the Fuchsia Paradise Maxi Dress by Extra Touch. It’s hard to find something that is colorful, yet comfortable. This dress looks like it would do both. It is beautiful.

  5. I would choose the California Chiffon Dress because I am trying to be more “girly” but I would also choose the Black Crochet Back Shrug to go with it because I hate my upper arms.

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