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Hi there folks, better late than never for my followers that love Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa.

No Promotional Consideration for these Announcements

Again there has been no promotional consideration for these announcements (in other words I have gotten nothing what so ever for sharing this information with you, nor have I received anything for running the giveaways), so this series may come to an end soon, as I am getting too busy with projects that compensate me.

Never received promotional consideration, ever by them, why did I expect it would change?

Did you know that on my blog with Joan, at the old “Joan and Mariah’s Reviews” blog (which is closed now) that Joan and I posted Seminole Hard Rock events monthly? for over 2 years? Yup I’ve been with them, one way or another for about 3 years now. You know what I’ve gotten for my posts for them even when I posted for Joan at least 1/3 of the time? Nothing.  Joan was fortunate she got compensated she’s received everything from  tickets for a VIP only Event, Concert Tickets, a share in the prizes with the winners and even a free day and nights stay at Hard Rock.

Again me, what have I gotten for my help… nothing ever, I though I received a biodegradable shopping bag, but that was from my post for  Mohegan Sun (casino, about 2 years ago) and so, that’s that… I never received a thing for all my helping them out in about 3 years.

NO Good Dead Goes Unpunished Folks!

Oh wait I received something from them, they keep track of the @SHRTampa that are tweeted and I got told I tweeted too much with my tweeting once every 4 hours about the giveaway and events… so I guess I got something. *shrug*

Things are changing here with June Events and this may be the last month of about 3 years of my working with Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa:

I will not be taken advantage of any further, I cannot afford to keep my blog going as it has not paid for itself in anyway at this point in time. So it’s time to start either getting paid for my work or compensated in one way or another and not spend hours on posts that do not have any promotional consideration for my time and effort. This post shall be as simple as simple comes… no more fussing to 2 to 3 hours per month on this post, I’m done with copying pasting pictures and optimizing them for the web, with rewriting what I received from Hard Rock, and rewriting the strange codes in their events announcements or bolding areas, adding subtitles, organizing the dates and info to make it easier to understand and I will no longer fuss with setting up links.

I will however take the few minutes to erase the almost 20 extra links at the end of the announcement they send me, as well as I will be deleting the one link that repeats with same link each and every event. All these links would ruin my SEO … heck the repeated one is over kill when it could be listed only once.

If you would like to continue seeing the Hard Rock Giveaways, you may always let them know, however I do not expect that they will wish to work with me again after I have openly voiced what I voiced in emails for months now, I have voiced that I do feel used and I now really feel that I have been taken advantage of, since they have been promising me compensation to keep my post going since March. I am patient, but perhaps too patient…

Okay rant mode off and Events listing on:

This month again it’s a surprise pack giveaway for you… enter to win something really cool from Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa!

Here are this Months Happenings at Hard Rock Tampa:

1). ³Treasures of the Hard Rock² Traveling Memorabilia Exhibit. June 12-21.
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa will give fans an up-close look at
pieces of history from music superstars and legends with the
never-before-seen ³Treasures of the Hard Rock² traveling memorabilia
exhibit. The exhibit features iconic items from two one-of-a-kind
collections pulled from Hard Rock¹s vault, ³Gone Too Soon² and ³Music Gives
Back ­ Rock ŒN¹ Roll Philanthropy.² ³Gone Too Soon² pays tribute to music
icons whose lives and careers were tragically cut short. It features items
from contemporary talent such as an outfit worn by Lisa ³Left Eye² Lopes
during TLC¹s CrazySexyCool tour and an 8th grade yearbook from Kurt Cobain
to artifacts from legends of the past like Elvis Presley¹s custom-made
karate gi uniform and the unique Guild 12-string acoustic guitar Bob Marley
used to record ³Is This Love.² Hard Rock¹s ³Love All, Serve All² mantra was
the inspiration for ³Music Gives Back ­ Rock ŒN¹ Roll Philanthropy.² This
collection focuses on artists who have worked with the brand on various
charitable campaigns throughout its more than 40 years.

2). The Beach Boys at Hard Rock Tampa. July 18th. Tickets on sale Friday,
June 7 at 2 p.m. As part of the brand new Hard Rock Heatwave, Seminole Hard
Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is bringing The Beach Boys¹ beloved sounds of
surf, sun and fun to Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday, July 18 at 8:30 p.m. Hard
Rock Heatwave, the casino¹s first-time summer series offering special events
and promotions, offers sizzling fun Monday through Friday from July 1
through September 2. General admission tickets for The Beach Boys concert
cost $69 and are available at the Hard Rock Store and all Ticketmaster
outlets online.
3). Founders’ Day. Thursday, June 14th, 2013. To commemorate Founder¹s Day,
the anniversary of the opening of the very first Hard Rock Cafe in London on
June 14, 1971, Hard Rock Cafe Tampa will celebrate with music, food and
film. Hard Rock Cafe Tampa team members will dress in the likes of The Spice
Girls, NSYNC, Prince and more. They¹ll serve up decade-spanning favorites
such as the original banana split, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, BLT
sandwich and grilled cheese sandwich. All items are $1.50 including the
draft beer special of the day. The best music from the past will also be
featured throughout the day. Additionally, iconic films will play on the TV
screens (without sound).
4). Lexus IS250 Convertible Giveaway. Sunday, June 30. Every hour from noon
­ 8 p.m., three lucky Wild Card members will win $500 in cash. The grand
prize drawing will be held at 8:30 p.m. for a Lexus IS250 convertible. Earn
entries June 1-June 30.

5). Royal Flush Promotion. Wednesdays in June from 12:01 a.m.-11:59 p.m.
Poker Room players will win $5,000 cash for every Royal Flush. In order to
qualify, both hole cards must be used in Hold¹em, and a player may not use
community cards in Stud. The hand doesn¹t have to be played to the river;
however the jackpot dollar must have been dropped. If less than $10 in the
pot, the player will win $500. At least four players must be dealt in on a
qualifying table. Tables with less than four players will not have a jackpot
drop. Live action poker games and single-table tournaments are eligible for
this promotion. Multi-table tournaments are not eligible for this promotion.
There is no limit to the number of Royal Flush Rewards a player is eligible
to win. Once the Royal Flush has been verified by Poker management the prize
for Royal Flush is $5,000 cash.

6). “Bring In The Weekend” Poolside Party Series. Fridays in June, 7 p.m. –
10 p.m. (Poolside). First 1000 people get in for free, 21 & up
Bring in the weekend with Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa and The
Eagle. Includes free sampling from popular craft beer and liquor brands
(varies weekly) and live entertainment, plus a chance to meet the master
brewers. A full bar will be available poolside for additional purchase.
Elite & Xcard members enjoy a complimentary open bar during the event.

7). VJ Kidd Leow at the Hard Rock Café. Spinning hits and rockin’ faces!
Cover for Ladies $5, Men $15 until 3 a.m. 12AM – 5AM at the Hard Rock Cafe.

8). Envy Saturdays rocks the house. 12AM – 5AM at the Hard Rock Cafe. Cover
for Ladies $5, Men $15.

9). Classic Rockers Vespa Giveaway. Mondays in June at Fresh Harvest. Wild
Card members 55+ can put their mailed entry coupon into the drawing drum at
Fresh Harvest anytime from 11 a.m. ­ 9:59 p.m.

If you want more info on these events or anything else, look it up on their site:

www.seminolehardrocktampa.com <http://www.seminolehardrocktampa.com>

For the giveaway… of your surprise pack from Seminole Hard Rock
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This was posted for Seminole Hard Rock Tampa, the experiences that I’ve had with them in the past 3 years of working with them is my personal experience, this may not be others experiences. So lets just say this is my recollection of about 3 years, perhaps other interested in working with Seminole Hard Rock will have better experiences.

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  1. I Have entered a couple times and haven’t won but I stay hopeful my day will come, just like you do. So it would sorta suck.

  2. I am leaving for crystal river tomorrow. So it will be lota of fishing and manatee spotting.

  3. Yes, but honestly you need to do what’s right for you!! It stinks that they won’t e en give you a comped meal or night for all of your advertisement!

  4. I recently just started working again full time so nothing really for us this summer but every day I have off if I am not cleaning we try to find something to do with the kids.

  5. I will miss them because they offer some cool prizes. However, I don’t blame you at all for stopping the promotion for them. Not fair!! You deserve to be shown appreciation for the work that you do.

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