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In some of my free time, I’ve been taking the time to relax and enjoy a wonderful book lately “Writers of the Future Volume 29.”

My copy of L Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future volume 29
My copy of Writers of the Future Volume 29

I was very honored to have received an invitation to attend this years awards Ceremony, at the Ebell Theater in Los Angeles, to honor these talented Writers and Illustrators who won the Annual Contest for Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend with my financial constraints I couldn’t manage to swing flying out to witness this fantastic event in person. I really would have love to have seen it in person, I got goosebumps watching the Ceremony on YouTube! What an event… it felt just like I was told about the event & winning the contest, “It is like the “American Idol” of Science Fiction & Fantasy authors.”

I was lucky enough to view the video of the Ceremony online on YouTube, I won’t send you there, it was the full Awards Ceremony. The awards started just short of halfway through the video, but before that portion of the Ceremony, I loved the song in the opening. And I really enjoyed the story told by L. Ron Hubbard of his research for his stories. L. Ron Hubbard participated in so many adventures of his own so that he could really write about those things that he knew about. To find this video you can search youtube for Writers of the Future 2013 or Volume 29. πŸ™‚

Below is Grand Winners portion of the Ceremony, just to keep this brief for you.


Although I wasn’t able to attend this wonderful Celebration and blog about my great adventure to a wonderful awards ceremony, I CAN blog about the book that was offered to me at the same time as the offer to attend the celebration. I can share with you a little idea of what you can find in this book, and give you an idea of the far away places that these Science Fiction & Fantasy writers took me to.

“Turn the page . . . open your eyes . . . and look into the future. . . .
They unleash the power of dreams and unlock the secrets of the universe. . . .Β 
They bend time, twist perception, and put a new spin on the laws of physics….
They show us who we are, what we may become, and how far we can go.
They are the Writers and Illustrators of the Future. Experience their vision.” ~GalaxyPress.com

I have been taken to a world in which your death isn’t the end of you as you can be brought back with your memories backed up and hopefully they were backed up not to far from the time in which you had died. And I watched as the main character took on a very dangerous mission after waking up (after his death) in a body that was not his own.

I have traveled with some men as they fly through space checking out planets, as of yet unfamiliar to us, to see if intelligent life exists there. I’ve seen the inhabitants of the planets and in horror saw the damages they have caused to the travelers. I saw the damaged body parts get replaced, bit by bit and heard descriptions of other people that had been contaminated by the planets they have visited and had to be kept secluded from the rest of the planet for the rest of their lives.

These two stories above where just the first two of many wonderful stories that I have fully immersed myself in, yes so fully that you will note that I wrote the above like I was truly there with the characters or as if these stories were from a movie that I viewed. πŸ™‚ There are many more to read from these Winners of the 29th Annual Achievement Awards for the Writers and Illustrators of the future… yes and I can’t forget the book contains the pictures (in black and white) by the winning Illustrators for the stories that they were made for.

writers of the future volume 29

The writers and illustrators are so wonderful that winners from the past awards have gone on to be very successful writers and illustrators… and some have recently won such awards as Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy awards. I recall hearing (while I watched the Ceremony online) that one of the illustrators was doing story boards for Charlie Sheen’s New TV Series “Anger Management” and another illustrator had worked with the movie “Ice Age”… honestly so many accomplishments from so many of the past winners that I am surprised the lady announcing them had time to take a breath and that she didn’t need to take a break for a sip of water during the ceremony, if you watched the ceremony you will realize that she hardly took a break while speaking during this part. lol

I have enjoyed reading this book while filling my time waiting in the doctors office while either waiting for my husband to get out of his appointment or while I am waiting for my doctors appointment, and doing some late night unwinding, when it’s been an especially crazy or painful day and I cannot sleep. Having ADD I must have true quiet in my humble little home for my true enjoyment and immersing myself into a book and with this book I insisted upon it receiving my full attention… I cannot tell you how rare it is for me to find a book so fascinating that from story to story I find it keeping my undivided interest as I read from one story to another (each one story has a different author) to the next authors story and experience the authors world from their own imagination.

I highly recommend this book and I am pleased to announce that the book is available at these Stores below:

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To access any of these places (above) to purchase your own copy… simply CLICK HERE

I wish to thank Galaxy Press for once again intrusting me in my 3rd project with their products, you folks have never let me down with your amazing products and your generous giveaways for my lucky readers! And I simply cannot forget your generous invite to your Awards Ceremony, if I had been able to afford it I would have been on a plane in a heartbeat and I would have asked that I could please get to meet the lovely lady that I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know through Galaxy Press! πŸ™‚

Now, my lovely readers, do you like reading books in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Genre or do you know someone who does? Remember, these giveaways are always great to for gift giving… just start up that big old “Gift Box” for future gifts for friends, family, special occasions and those unanticipated times that you would need a gift for someone.Β  Enter to win one of three copies of this great book, “Writers of the Future (Volume 29)”.

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