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Friends, it’s almost Mother’s Day Weekend and the Swarovski Crystals in the lovely products of Mont Bleu’s shop make any gift worth the wait! And this is a trick you can do, still order the gift, and just print up a picture of the gift and enclose it in a card or put the picture in a gift box with your promise that it is on it’s way! 🙂

Mont Bleu Continues to impress me after over 2 years of reviewing their ever growing products made with the lovely and Famous Swarovski Crystals! Oh yes, I simply love Bling and Swarovski Crystals are my favorite! Hey anything that involves light or catches light always caught my attention… my first words? “Itty Ight” (“pretty light”) as I pointed to a light from my first words onward. My Mother can attest to the fact that since I was a child Bling this has been something I loved and just ask my Mother and she would tell you that even as a toddler, I would always point at the sequined outfits or outfits with crystals on them as I would want her to buy some for herself.

Mont Bleu Foot Scrapper (for callusis) in a orange ombre, my bracelet with pearl like Swarovski Crystals in a lovely beige like color on it, my blue Swarovski Crystal glass file with the matching tweezers
Mont Bleu spoiled me with these lovelies for this review.

Lucky me, as I have had the privilege to be spoiled by Mont Bleu since 2011 with receiving invites from them to review their products. Mont Bleu was first introduced to me and my first introduction was with their beautiful Czech glass nail files! The Czech glass files come plain, with colored glass, hand-painted and with the ever beautiful Swarovski Crystals! I have to say that with each review Mont Bleu has continued to impress me as their products, the products are ever evolving and they are continuously expanding their line to offer more and more wonderful products. I love the fact that their products make fantastic gifts for anyone on your list and why not gift yourself with something… what the hey, why not get yourself or the one you love a “Just because” gift or  as my Father would call it “A Happy Happy” (A Happy Happy was a gift for no special reason (but perhaps love) and/or a gift without a special occasion involved).

For this review, I received, in my package, more goodies then ever as Mont Bleu Spoiled me with beautiful Swavorski Crystals Bling in a pair of Tweezers, a glass nail file, a bracelet (that I had not noticed previously in their collection) and a Czech Glass Scraper (for your callouses on your feet etc.)

Mont Bleu Swarovski Crystals on a glass nail file and on tweezers
Mont Bleu Swarovski Crystals on Glass Nail file and tweezers.

The Tweezers

The Tweezers are a beautiful shade of blue with blue Swarovski Crystals that start off larger and work their way down to a smaller size (5 crystals on each side). In the top part of the angled Tweezers has a nice smooth feel, a wonderful paint application on it and the base (the active part) of the tweezers have a nice tapered edge to the metal on it, there appears to be no offset with the alignment of the tweezers and the angled tweezers grips very well.

close up Mont Bleu Swarovski Crystals on the end of the glass nail file
Close up of the Swarovski Crystals on the end of the glass nail file

The Nail File

The Nail File that I received match the blue of the nail file and have lovely Swarovski Crystals on them as well. As I know from the past, this nail file lasts and lasts, the swarovski crystals are adhered so well that they haven’t fallen off my glass nail file from over 2 years ago. And the file looks as wonderful as can be even after 2 years+ of using it. And when I wrote the original review of this nail file, I admitted that I had even dropped it and it didn’t break! Now I can honestly tell you that so far, I’ve dropped the glass nail file several times, now either I’ve been very lucky or these things aren’t as delicate as you or I would think. I still refuse to purposely throw the file to the floor, I am sorry, I just love my glass nail files and the Swarovski Crystals on them so very much and I’d hate to take a chance on losing them! 🙂

mont blue Swarovski Crystals bracelet in boxMont Bleu Swarovski Crystals bracelet on Mariahs wrist

The Bracelet

The bracelet that I received is a macrame’ bracelet and the way that they designed it, it’s very adjustable as well as easy on and off. The color of the macrame cording is a charcoal black in color and there are beautiful golden pearl like beads on this bracelet. The golden beads are made with crystals from CRYSTALLIZED -Swarovski Elements (the Swarovski in a beautiful Gold Color) and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity in the lovely box that the bracelet comes in. I had no idea that Swarovski Crystals Bling included pearl like beads, what a wonderful addition to the traditional and famous Swarovski Crystals. I then looked it up and found a picture of the the very color pearl-like bead that I have (with others) and a description of what they are on the online on a Swarovski Elements Site. Here is what Swarovski says about these elements that they call their Crystal Pearls:



Crystal Pearls are perfect replica of genuine pearls. Made of a unique crystal core covered with an innovative pearl coating, these pearls possess a flawless, silky smooth, rounded surface. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Crystal Pearls are delivered loosely threaded or, if desired, also knotted. Different hole diameters are available to accommodate a range of applications: In contrast to other articles in the range, Crystal Pearl 5811 is perfectly suited for applications that require a larger hole diameter.


Mont Bleu foot scrapper for callusesLast but not least, The Foot Callous Scraper

The Foot Callous Scraper I received is in A beautiful Gradient Color from Orange to the frosty white of the Czech Glass. I love this Scraper it works wonderfully on my feet with out being too harsh on the skin when you use it. In the past, I could sometimes be found sitting and picking at the callouses on my feet while watching TV. I’ve tried to break myself of that, why? Because I wouldn’t pay attention to what I was doing and I’d get a hold of some of the Callous Skin and rip it off… just like exfoliating your feet too much with one of those grater looking scrapers, if you are not paying attention or careful enough, you can get too much skin off. If you’ve experienced this yourself you would know that you’ve done way too much when you go to stand on that foot… OUCH, trust me, it can be terribly painful! Using this Callous Scraper on moist skin of my feet, I have found it effective enough to do the job and not hurt myself by doing too much at once, this alone has stopped me from mindlessly picking as after several uses my feet are as soft as a babies bottom and there is nothing to pick at. 🙂

Swarovski Crystal 2 hearts keyringSwarovski Crystals on hair brush from Mont Bleu

All in all, what are my thoughts of the products from Mont Bleu?

With their wonderful variety of products, and their great pricing you cannot go wrong with gift giving. I love looking at their brushes, from makeup brushes to hair brushes and the fun items in their shop from mirror compacts (pocket mirrors, is how they are listed on their site) to lighters and even the most lovely swarovski crystals on wine glasses and vases… as well as all the wonderful products I’ve gotten to review. Of all the products I’ve gotten to check out, I have never found any product to be anything less that pure perfection, from longevity to the touching the products, I haven’t ever run into one sharp edge or mistakes in manufacturing on any of their items ever.

I highly recommend that you take a look around the Mont Bleu Store site and there you will find the most perfect items for yourself and for gift giving. Mont Bleu has the most unique items just perfect for any taste, from subtle to blinged out to the max you will find it all there.

Friends, this giveaway is Worldwide! 🙂 Share with your friends all around the world, I love the chance to run giveaways like this… I meet so many interesting people that I seldom see. Thank you so much to Mont Bleu for letting me not only test out their wonderful products, but also for letting me run these fun giveaways!
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Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received the items listed and in the first picture for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Mont Bleu and me.

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  2. We live on a plantation in SC.Our home overlooks a lake and we are planning a picnic if the weather cooperates.Happy Mother’s Day!

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  5. I’d probably buy a manicure set and maybe a shambala bracelet. The set would be for me but the bracelet could be for someone! 😛

  6. I’d love to have a callus file. I have a regular glass file that i use on my heels now, but it’s verrrrry old and not as gritty as it once was. Plus, the callus file is much larger!

  7. I love the Crystal Nail File BC-M5! Since one that I have is broken (arrived that way, sadly), it would be for me. Thanks!

  8. We had a little get-together at my mom and dad’s house for Mother’s Day. It was really nice, and my husband even made an amazing dinner for everybody! Great day. 🙂

  9. Lighter for women “Blue Waterfall” made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, packed in a gift box. Design by Mont Bleu.
    For me 🙂

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