Kiyonna True To Size? – Info

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Hi, all I just thought I’d add a quick post to answer a question that I received. The question was “Are Tops and Dresses from Kiyonna true to size?”

I sent out this question to someone who I know truly loves all her Outfits from Kiyonna and here is her (very trust worthy) input on Kiyonna fitting True to Size:


Cheryl Chiffon Peplum Blouse, Plum Passion (Womens Size 10 and up)

The Kiyonna styles like the Cheryl Chiffon (above),
Casual Sandy Striped Top, Blue and Purple Stripe (Womens Size 10 and up – plus size)
and Abby Twist (below) that are loose around the mid-section run very true to size. I wear a size XL or a 16 in most brands and the Kiyonna size 1 fits perfectly.
Abby Twist Dressy Casual Top, Merlot (Womens Plus Size, sizes 10 & Up)

The Kiyonna styles that are fitted through the mid-section can be a little snug – it all depends on how much you want the fabric to do the slimming for you. I have the Melrose Mesh top and while I am fine with it being snug (you can’t tell because the ruching hides all the bumps and bulges with style and grace), others may feel better going up one size.

Melrose Ruched Mesh Top, Flirty Floral Print (Womens Plus Size, sizes 10 & Up)

I wish to thank my readers for asking question about Kiyonna, I always welcome questions and if I cannot answer them myself, I will seek out the answers for you. With this question, I figured it was important enough that instead of just replying directly, by email, I would post it here as well.

I hope that helps any of you that may have had this question as well. If you have any other questions on this products (or anything else I post) feel free to post your questions in the post in question or use the Contact Me to let me know and I will try and answer them for you, the best I can.

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Giveaways, My Mother, and More News!

biting my lip

News on Giveaways, the Blog etc

Hi all, you may have noticed that the blog was down for a while, seems I was too popular as one of the many excuses for “suspending” my account was “hits”. Well they came up with a lot more excuses as time went on as the Analytics weren’t reflecting the “hits” they said I was having per hour.

It looks like it may have been a new plugin to help make small urls straight to my blog instead of through Owly or the others. Anyway when they finally gave me access to the back end of my blog I had shut down that plugin and they then had me shut down all the other plugins as well. To make a long story short, I am working here in the background resetting up everything that I can with the plugins and hopefully the Giveaway Countdown will be up on the sidebar soon so it’s easier to find the giveaways. In the mean time, I wanted to let you know that I am re-opening one of the expired giveaways and adding days to all the currently running giveaways to make up for down time and more.

I will be working on some more posts later on this evening/tonight after I recover the plugins all back into working order and get them plugged in to their proper places. I am still limping along here on my laptop with the fan acting up, so things are running slowly here all the way around.

Jeep Cherokee that I am willing to barter for on Craigslist

In other news from the Lockwood Home Front

My husband and I are trying to use Craigslist for the first time. My husband listed my old Jeep in the barter area, after which we realized that perhaps he should have added in there that we’d exchange it for a high end computer, since the fan on mine is going and I could certainly use a new laptop. Who knows I may be able to make a sweet deal in exchange for the Jeep. Of course we did discuss all the work that we would like to have done around the house in exchange for it, but hey, we will take what we can get. 🙂

It will be quite a while before I can get my laptop repaired the new vehicle wouldn’t pass the required emissions testing so we have a huge expense right now to get my new vehicle running, so it will be a month or so before I can get the fan fixed on my laptop…. this is the reason why we are looking now to see if possibly we can barter for a new laptop for me. Then this laptop could be eventually repaired and become a spare.

My Mother and Father,  just purchased a van with hand controls and a ramp for my Mother and they had an old vehicle that they knew I could use! How sweet is that? Mom, Dad and I keep teasing people (from nurses at the life care center to my neighbors) that the price of my haircuts have gone up. I cut my Mothers hair this weekend and so we have been telling people that I do haircuts now in exchange for a car! lol You should have seen a neighbors eyes when I told her that she’s do for me to give her another haircut again! lol So anyone. reading this in the North Suburbs of Denver. need a GREAT haircut?

News on my Mother

We witnessed my Mother actually moving her other leg just a little bit this weekend. 🙂 She still cannot put weight on her right leg, that can move just a little and feel sensations just very slightly with as she is so weak and the nerves are hopefully re-routing themselves. Hopefully the movement in the left leg wasn’t a fluke and maybe those nerves are starting to repair some.

My Mother has also put on some weight now… instead of being just 70 pounds she is now 100 lbs! Yay! Lets hope that she can continue to be at a healthier weight than she was.

And Mom will be finally released soon from the Life Care Center in Longmont, Colorado as soon as she gets her electric wheelchair that was FINALLY approved today, they say it could be a week or two before she receives it.  My parents have been trying to get Medicare to approve the wheelchair for her since February. Yay FINALLY!

Just to remind you all, I will be up in the mountains, at my parents house for a week or so after my Mother gets home. I hope to assist with the new adjustments to my Mother being a paraplegic now… from diapers, to lifting and more, my Father is going to have his hands full. I will be up there to help out with the things that I may be able to handle with my disabilities, and work on some fun crafts and cooking/baking etc. we will have a lot of laughs too, I am sure.

In closing

I wish to thank you all for returning to the blog after it was “suspended” for the weekend+, I apologize to all for any inconvenience.  Hopefully the problem with the blog is resolved now that I will not re-install the little links plugin as I cannot afford to have to purchase a virtual private server for my little blog.

Watch for the giveaways to increase in time allotted for entry soon, I have a few different things that I need to do to get the blog fully functioning yet and get the countdown for the current giveaways up and running again too, for ease of finding the current giveaways.

Love and hugs



Computer Problems Here

Well folks, I’ve had computer problems with my old laptop here, so sorry. I don’t know what to say but I am limping along online when I can, small steps at a time. The fan is very noisy and so I will be online off and on as the computer overheats here… trying to get things done, with a lot of shutting down and letting it rest.

Forgive me, I am so sorry about this. Please follow me on facebook, and twitter etc to see when I get more done here. I am trying to write up a review long hand and get it onto the blog a piece at a time.

This is not fair to the sponsors, so in my on times I will try and set up replies to go out to them and let them know what is going on here.

My friends, your patience is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Finishing up some things here, then some posts later – PROMISE

Hi there all, it’s been wild times in the Lockwood household, with summer like weather hitting after that May 1st snow… I have some outside projects to finish up. Then I plan on posting some pictures of my artwork and than posting my Hawk pictures on here. I have a review for outside work on the yard coming up, a review on a Colorado made English Toffee, and a makeup review all coming up. Please keep your eyes open! Oh yes and I just received a shipment of some water that is supposed to be extra good, so I will be putting some in the freezer so I can cool it off quickly so I don’t get dehydrated here… good old Colorado Semi Aired dryness and my lupus don’t agree. So I am about to put on my Hat, redo the sunscreen and sunglasses so I can get the outside work done.

Okay back to work here with the outside stuff, while the weather holds out… oops sunscreen… 20 minutes… sheesh, guess I best set up some tweets while I wait to go out. 🙂

Love and (((Hugs))) to you all, tell me, tell me do… did you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend? Anything great to share with us all?

OK sunscreen time. 😉

Winners- Hard Rock & Daddy Van’s Congrats ShoeHere are our winners for Hard Rock T-shirt and Daddy Van’s Room and Linen Spray!

Lets build the suspense here as I talk (type) briefly here… lol

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, I can’t wait to show you some pictures of what I did this weekend. Nothing exciting for me with family other than my finally putting up my hand painted sign that I finished a few years ago (I spent the weekend touching it up as it fell once and then putting a marine vanish on it… I hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of my artwork). And the other picture or pictures, are from my yard, of the Hawks I was seeing!

Okay onto the winners:

Hard Rock Winner is


a Rafflecopter giveaway


And the Daddy Van’s Winner is   a Rafflecopter giveaway


I have send emails out to these winners and I hope to hear from them within 72 hours to make their wins official. unfortunately (as per my rules here) if I don’t hear from them within that time period I will have to pick new winners.

Good Luck…