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Hi all, just a brief bit of news here.

Joan & Mariah Friends and Former Co-Owners of Joan and Mariahs Reviews & Giveaways (blog now closed) The first bit of news is about my former Blog partner for those of you who remember her from our old blog (that is closed now) Joan and Mariah’s Reviews & Giveaways. Joan is in the hospital again, as she’s very sick with what looks like problems with her Lupus SLE and a small stroke again. It also sounds like Joan is over doing it with some issues she’s dealing with at home, I won’t go into details here since that is up to her to talk about them, if she wishes. So, my friends, if you visit Joan’s blog at Joan’s 5 Star Reviews, it’s been a almost 2 months since her last post and it may be a while longer before she’s up to posting again… I send out my thoughts, and prayers for my sweet friend and her family and I hope you do the same.

A picture of Mariah Lockwood's MotherThe next bit of news is some great news again about my Mother, you will probably be getting sick of hearing about her soon. However I am very excited and optimistic for her latest developments (the previous developments were posted on my last post). Not only is she now moving her right leg inward now but she called again last night and said she can now wiggle the toes on that leg… AND when they were working with her in physical therapy they felt her tighten her butt muscles too!

So here my dear, lovely readers, as I close up this post after a mixture of bad news and good news, I wish to ask of you one thing for these two wonderful people… Please continue sending your warm thoughts and blessings for my Mother, Father and please add Joan Penfold too. May Joan get better soon and things improve at her home so that she will not overwork herself there and continue getting sick like this. Joan would appreciate it, I am sure, if you left her some messages full of care and concern for her here and I will make sure that she visits the blog to see your messages.

Love and hugs,




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