Be The Talk Around Town with Your Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa Duffelbag! – Giveaway


Howdy there folks!

Here is a nice short post, with a lovely little giveaway for you.

I had received an offer to run a giveaway for you from myself and the nice folks at The Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa. I thought it would be a great idea to offer you this giveaway for our Grand Opening Month here at OH! Honestly Mariah, so of course, I said “YES, PLEASE!”

Win Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa Duffel Bag Bar Background
Enter to win your own Hard Rock Duffelbag, and show you great taste and style as you carry this around with you!

Edited: early morning of 3/8/13. It seems that the Giveaway Tool (form) I was trying to us for this giveaway wasn’t loading properly. I am so sorry… it looks like we are back to Rafflecopter until such a time that someone comes up with something better. As shame it limits what we can do with the entries for the giveaways, but it appears to be the best for free use out there right now.








a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I Mariah Lockwood, was offered to run a giveaway by Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa, I did not receive anything in exchange for my posting the events (in a previous post) nor for this giveaway… I am doing this so that my readers have a fun giveaway to enter and I was under no obligation what so ever to post the Events post nor the giveaway post. I am not responsible for the prize, it is the responsibility of the representative of Seminole Hard Rock Tampa to mail out the prize to the winner. The picture used in this post is my combining a background picture with the picture submitted to me of the prize by the Representative of Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa.

21 thoughts on “Be The Talk Around Town with Your Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa Duffelbag! – Giveaway”

  1. I like the idea of winning a Seminole Hard Rock Duffle Bag on this website..I think this is a really cool site…

    1. Strange it appears the new entry form isn’t loading properly. I am sorry about this… I will set this up in Rafflecopter instead. It is late at night right now, I am going to set this up before I go to bed. Sorry about the entry form not working.

      1. I am still unable to enter to win the duffle bag…I keep clicking the enter to win button and nothing happens…This is after to switcched to Rafflecopter…

        1. Zan, double check please, and see if it is showing up as Rafflecopter for you… if not try clearing your cache on your computer, that may do the trick.

          I am sorry you are having so many problems. Please let me know if the problems is solved. If not I will try to think of what else may be going on.

          So sorry again.

          1. Hi, Mariah, I cleared my cache on my computer, however I’m still having the same problem when I click “ENTER TO WIN” button….I was wondering if you could enter my name for me??

  2. Thanks for posting your picture on this blog. Unfortunately, I can’t tell if you are smiling or biting your nails. In any event, I always look forward to eating big hamburgers at the Hard Rock Cafe. If I win the Seminole Hard Rock-Tampa Dufflebag , then perhaps I could use it to carry home leftovers from the restaurant. drmrs 3/15/2013

    1. I am smiling, this was a picture to show some of the fun things (including the ring) that I received from Mont Bleu… the bobbiepin, earrings and the ring. lol, I told a friend that I thought the picture was cute, but it looked to me as I saw it by the corner of my eye that I may be picking my nose! lol I just haven’t had a chance to change the picture yet… I usually avoid cameras, my younger self loved cameras (boy would she be disappointed in the grown up me. lol) Good luck with your entry.

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