Pulp Fiction – Audio Plays Giveaway! A wonderful blast from the past for you!

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Action Adventure Package Audio and books by L Ron HubbardHi friends, lets start off our Grand Opening Month with a simple Giveaway. These Audio Plays/Books remind me of late nights listening to AM Radio as some stations in Wisconsin and Minnesota played old time radio shows… I just loved these times with my big brother Milton as he tuned in the station and we sat back listening to the old time radio plays letting our imaginations run wild as we heard these programs.

Here is a video from Golden Age Stories:

You may recall my review of these audio books by Golden Age Stories for those of you who have come here from our old blog (Joan and Mariah’s Reviews) for those of you that are new…these books are played out so wonderfully by some great actors. Click Here to see my review of these this will open the link in a new tab/window so you can see my review and easily return here.

By the way: If you prefer me to set up the links to my blog in the same window, let me know in the comments (below) for future reference.

Picture of 5 of my Audio Books from the Pulp Fiction era
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood, personally posted this short review (and the old review that this post links to). I didn’t receive anything in return for this post, or giveaway. I was under no obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by GalaxyPress and me.

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Free Shipping & Coupon Code this Weekend for my readers – Kiyonna

Women’s “Plus Size” Clothing (sizes 10+)

kiyonna Header - "Sophisticated Style, Size 10+"

This weekend there are two specials going on at Kiyonna for my special readers. The Specials are:


  1. Free Shipping (US Ground) – (through 4.2.13 at 10am PST) no minimum purchase necessary – international shipping at a great discount. (no special link needed). 🙂
  2. Amazing Lace Sale – (until 10am PT on March 25, 2013) 20% off from anything on the Amazing Lace Page, use the Coupon Code: SWEETLACE Amazing Lace, How Sweet the Style Enjoy 20% off all lace dresses!*

OH MY! Guess what the Dress, that I Swear Marilyn Monroe would adore, is included in this sale! Marilyn would love this as her legendary look of the sweetheart neckline and added ruching! So Sexy is in this Sale, and a great plus, if you like to hide your arms, this lace on the dress is pure feminine perfection!

deep red  dress with sweetheart neckline a black lace little bolero over shoulders and arms, and the dress has ruching
Another outfit with a sweetheart neckline, that I could see Marilyn Monroe wearing. Can you tell I love Marilyn’s style… drool I bet this would look great on me… maybe. lol

The Dress (above) comes in these colors:

  • Black/Purple Passion
  • Black/Navy (on my screen this isn’t that terribly dark navy, it look Royal Blue to me)
  • Black/Burgundy

Don’t Forget the Coupon Code: SWEETLACE

Check out two of the most popular styles from Kiyonna Amazing Lace Sale:


Sweet Luna Lace Dress in Pretty Plum Sweet Luna Lace Dress in Pretty Plum Womens Plus Size
I just love the feminine look of lace, isn’t this beautiful!

Sweet Luna Lace Dress, Pretty Plum (Womens Plus Size – sizes 10 and up)



Dressy Smitten Lace Ruched Top in Red
Want to hide a wider middle, and show of a beautiful hourglass curve? Ruched Tops that are Ruched in the middle like this hides a thicker middle and creates that lovely hourglass look we all love.

Dressy Smitten Lace Ruched Top, Red (Womens Plus Size- sizes 10+)

These are just a few of the Women’s Clothing found in this Sale.

Here are the Link & Coupon Code again:

Amazing Lace, How Sweet the Style Enjoy 20% off all lace dresses!* Don’t Forget the Coupon Code: SWEETLACE

New Refresh Line from Cheribundi, The Cherry People – Review & Giveaway


Logo for Cheribundi that says Cheribundi the Cherry People


Oh boy talk about a yummy refreshing project! I am ecstatic about Cheribundi’s new Refresh line of mixed tart cherry beverages.


Perhaps you may be familiar with Cheribundi original line of Tart Cherry Juices:

  1. Tru=Tart Cherry
  2. Skinny=Light
  3. Whey=Rebuild

I have had a sip of most of the flavors of the Tart Cherry Original Line, as my husband received them for his review (by the way, it helped with his gout) and I was impressed. Then I received my shipment of the Refresh line, a new line from Cheribundi (the sort of drink you’d enjoy with lunch) and I have to say WOW! This line is fun, with a large variety of flavors to choose from. I love both the Refresh line (both with Tart Cherries, of course) with the Fruit Blends and the Refresh Blends Tea line.

I’ve done it again folks,  for those that know me, they know that once before I’ve thought of a song for a company, using a familiar song that suddenly occurs to me as I think about the product. Here is my song that is going through my head (sung with the old tune “Cheri Baby”)… I am not sure if I am remembering the old song correctly for the exact change of wording to Cheribundi, but you get the idea. 🙂

“Che-rr-ibu-undi cheribundy, Che-r-i, Che-r-ibundi, Cheri won’t you be mine…yum yum yum yum yum bundi di di di yum yum yum yum yum bundi di di di – ahh ah ah ahhhhhh.”

“(a special addition at the end… whispered) Cheribundi Refresh”

Something like that. lol Okay, so I am one silly ol’ gal here… what can I say I am a tad bit insane as well sharing and honest to a fault at times.

closeup of some of the Cheribundi Refresh Line

I received a nice big box shipped to my home full of all the delicious flavors of the New Refresh Line from Cheribundi to try. The white capped products are the fruit mixtures and the green capped beverages are the tea mixtures.

With Cheribundi Beverage, you can always count on the fact that they are not from a concentrate and they are all gluten free. And you can check the side of the bottle for the % of Juice as well as other information on their drinks, a nice and clear guide without needing to read all of the fine print.

If you are like me, there is a lot of Spring Cleaning and Yard Work that must be done in the very near future here, and as I do yard work, all the neighbors tend to come out and visit with me. I can purchase more of these tasty drinks to share with the neighbors when they drop by and I will truly need a truely thirst quenching drink from the Refresh line as I work hard too. Actually, these babies are ample in size at 16.9 FL OZ, big enough to share or to quench a really great big thirst. 🙂

I have enjoyed these drinks during an especially trying day of running around, doing chores and after (or during) a particularly stressful day. These beverages are such a great “pick me up” that I recommend them for midway through a work day as well as after a workout, gardening, yard-work or taking the kids to all their activities in a Mother or Fathers grueling day/evening, Refresh is the perfect name!

cherry benefits with the names of the links on Chreribundi's site written on it.

What are the benefits of Tart Cherries? Check out the Cheribundi website under “Cherry Benefits” and click on the 3 links on their page either on their sites picture of the cherry or on the sidebar to read all the many benefits of Tart Cherries.

I found many sites online mentioning the studies of Tart Cherries and the benefits of the anthocyanins & phytonutrients that are found in them. Some of the studies suggest:

  • It is anthocyanins that give tart cherries their color and there is scientific evidence that suggests that drinking tart cherry juice or eating tart cherries can help relieve muscle pain, arthritis pain and the pain of gout.
  • In 2004 a study at Johns Hopkins Hospital, reported that phytocompounds in tart cherries suppress pain caused by inflammation about as well as the drug Indocin (Indomethacin). (Indocin is a powerful nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and it can cause many side effects.)
  • Anthocyanins have been shown to have pain relieving traits that are compared to Naproxen and Ibuprofen.
  • USDA funded study had discovered that tart cherries have a low glycemic index, are fat free, sodium free as well as high in vitamins C, B6, E and folic acid.
  • Tufts University Study confirmed that anthocyanins cross the blood-brain barrier. They had given anthocyanins to aging rodents and the study showed that animals that were given anthocyanins in their diet could get out of water faster and better than those that were not given anthocyanins. They also found reduced confusion and slowness in the rodents that were giving the anthocyanins.  As a result of this study it is believed that anthocyanins actually make the brain work better.

Wow, talk about a ton of information out there on the benefits of Tart Cherries, now I have to say that the Refresh line has less Cherries than their original line, but I feel you would still garner some benefit from the proprietary process that Cheribundi uses to make all their beverages as well as the fact that they pick their cherries at the peak of ripeness.

most of the Cheribundis new line Refresh

There are 5 flavors to choose from in the Refresh Tart Cherry and Fruit blends and each are absolutely delicious: Tart Cherry Lemonade,  Tart Cherry Blueberry, Tart Cherry Cranberry, Tart Cherry Pomegranate and last but not least Tart Cherry Raspberry. My favorite of the Refresh Tart Cherry and Fruit Blends? I have to admit it’s a very hard choice, as I love all these flavors. If I must choose a #1 Flavor of the Tart Cherry & Fruit Blends would be the Raspberry.

There are 4 flavors in the Refresh Tart Cherry and Tea blends and again they are all absolutely delicious: Tart Cherry Rooibos Tea, Tart Cherry Black Tea, Tart Cherry Green Tea and last but not least Tart Cherry Jasmine Tea. I simply cannot pick a favorite of the tea blends, I love them all equally as well.

Honestly, I can think of times depending upon what I am looking for, since the flavors are (to me) Sweet, Tart or Sweet with a Tart finish in their Fruit Blends and the flavors are all different theirTea Blends, depending upon the tea used in the blend.

Hints, don’t forget to shake the bottles well and if you want something extra cold and don’t want to carry a cooler with you. You can put your bottle in the freezer for 30 minutes or so (depends upon your freezer, I bet) to get a fast cool down so you still have a very portable bottle to carry with you….I’ve done this when I needed to go somewhere and forgot to put my Cheribundi in my Fridge over night (just don’t forget it or you may have a mess from a frozen overflow in your freezer to clean up).

close up of the Cheribundi Refresh in Tart Cherry Lemonade

If you want to freeze or partially freeze it, so you have time to drink it cold from a couple of hours to on in your day and you are away from a Fridge,  here is the best way to freeze it, Open up the bottle drink out of your bottle (to about 1 to 2 inches out of space between the cheribundi and the cap) and place in your freezer for the desired amount of time (again depending upon when you will be drinking it).

I highly recommend Cheribundi Refresh as I really love the line and my husband has liked the sips of it that he’s tried too.  I also recommend that you consider the Refresh Line from Cheribundi to help you get away from the soda pop, there are enough varieties of flavors that I am sure you will find one to your liking.

I would be remiss if I did not to mention this review by my husband, I tried some of them and found them taste as well. To read more about Cheribundi and their original product, Click Here (this will take you to my husband’s review as it opens the link in a new window or tab to make it easy to come back here and enter the giveaway here).

Okay and now for the Giveaway, one of you will win a variety case of Cheribundi Refresh, just like I received! This giveaway is limited to the Continental US.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received a case of Cheribundi Refresh to try for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Cheribundi and me.

Update on My Mother & St Patricks Day Get together.


Closeup of Mom on St Pats Day 2013 in Longmont life care center
My Mother in her wheelchair and her huge brace… being a real good sport as she wears goofy St Pats Day Glasses.

Hi all, I know I have received requests for updates on my Mother, this weekend on St. Patrick’s Day we had a get together at the Longmont Care Facility where she is going through Rehabilitation. They are trying to teach her to scoot out of her chair and into bed and working with physical therapy there for her new condition (being a paraplegic). She is worried they will kick her out of there before she is ready and she is so weak she’s having problems with the ramp like thing that can help her get in and out of bed into her wheelchair.

Other than that her mood seems good, although she complained about some physical therapist that I think was really worried about her spirits possibly being masked and being at a lower point then she likes to show. At least that is my thoughts, since she said they asked her about a 4 letter word and I am not sure if they asked if it was to be about her or her condition or what… but she said she replied “cr_p” (you can fill in the blank) and then she told me she was only joking but then she got told something negative about her mood or her mental state as a result.

And of course she complains about how hard physical therapy is on her, but then again who doesn’t? lol

Otherwise, Mom was fun, funny, full of stories and loving having the family around her. She went along with my sister placing a big shamrock “tattoo” on her cheek and later with putting on goofy glasses for St. Pats Day. Mom really enjoyed the dinner and especially the soda bread with dinner.

1 from Michelle's Facebook post. Mom and Dad St. Pats Day 2013
The full picture that my sister took of Mom being a sport, that is my father in the St Pats Day hat.

I have to admit that before dinner we had a nice little visit with Mom, at about the time in which I was trying to figure out how to get this low hospital like bed to sit up for her some nurses showed up and kicked us out of the room to help change Mom etc. It wasn’t until this time that, as one of my brothers said, I “sprung a leak”. I stood at first with just my husband and I in the hall and I broke down… my brother, who I think went with his wife and children to go look at the fish somewhere else in the building, came up and I welled up again, just as I thought I got myself under control. Swollen eyes and stopped crying after a great big hug, I then asked for hugs from my 3 adorable nieces and nephews.

I looked up from these hugs and there was my brother, that Mom told me to expect to arrive for one day on Monday from Vermont… oh my heart swelled with joy to see him, as I gave him a big hug and kiss! A few minutes later my sister from New York appeared… what warmth surrounded me as I then threw my arms around her too.

most of my half of the table as we laughed at my nephew for his diving face first into his cake to eat the frosting
Far Left is me,the rest from left to right my brother, my sister, standing over my nephew and than my niece… as this side of the table watch my nephew as he dove face first into his piece of cake to eat the icing. St. Pats Day at the Rehab Center with Mom and Family

All in all we had a great time together and a great Irish dinner of corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, carrots, soda bread and it was followed up by a nice St. Pats Day decorated cake. Unfortunately we cut the visit short as I tried to sneak in 2 pain pills and my husband Rick noticed and said we should go home. I explained that I’ve been fighting a terrible new for the past 3 days and by afternoon and evening I am pretty much bed ridden with such pain I cannot do much. Luckily today is a bit better as my meds are controlling the neck pain and the migraines a little bit better, though I am ready to go lay down soon.

Please friends keep the well wishes coming in for support for my whole family, my Mother and me too… I’ve been grieving some here for my Mother and all she is going through and for her being so weak at 71 pounds. I wish so much that I had the health, wealth and strength that I could use at this time to really help out a lot with everything that this new disability will bring… I want to give my Mother some hope for her future and not feel like she cannot find great times, fun and still do much with being a paraplegic.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I knew I forgot something when we left for Longmont to see Mom, and it was my camera. The pictures in here were from facebook, from my Sister and Sister-in-law.