A Day of Prayer for Me – Mother in Surgery

vintage girl and dog praying
I am saying my Prayers for my Mother.

This may turn some people off, but I really don’t care if it does… I am Catholic and I believe in the power of prayer. I am not going to tweet out giveaways or my reviews today, I am spending my time in prayer for my Mothers surgery today.

Mom, Dad and All Mom's Sweet Friends at American Legion, Sept 2012 Picture taken by Mariah
Mom is so loved, when we went to the Local American Legion, I had to take a picture of her, Dad and Mom’s Admirers.

I did however choose to write about this today, my Mother is quite frail right now at 71 lbs at last weighing in. She can hardly eat, she has chronic pain, chronic fatigue and an autoimmune disease, along with a hospital borne infection (she got infected a few years back in surgery in her back and the infection lingers on as it is resistant to antibiotics). The infection  had spread to her bones, as they discovered in her Month in the hospital, late last year into Mid January. The infection had not been responding to the antibiotics that could help control the infection (not cure it).

Now comes February and she is back in the hospital, the pain in her back was serious enough to bring her in. They found that some vertebrae above the ones worked on years ago, above the pins and fusions and by the infection, were gone and now they too need surgery.

A picture of my Mother, pre drastic weight loss and a few years back.
My Mother in better times, on prednisone in the picture, and a few years back.

As they decided whether or not to operate, they discovered that the infection was possibly encapsulated since the infection was not responding. So my Mother and Father were told of the concerns of doing surgery while she is so frail, but they decided to go through with it and hinted to Mom (she caught the hint) that she needs to be in good spirits and may have to fight to survive this.

They are operating today and I called my father (we are snowed in at home here) who, thank God has a friend who is in the waiting room with Dad keeping him company. I called at just the right time as they had just stopped in and said that she is doing well, the surgery is going well, however it will be quite some time yet before the surgery is through. They are attempting to scrape the infection away and out of her, I pray they do that exact with a steady hand as I pray it doesn’t spread the infection. Mom wasn’t sure what exactly they would do pins or fusion or cadaver vertebrae or what, so that frightened her somewhat, not knowing what is going to be done.

Mom's Superhero's Not All Wear Capes
This is my Mother, a true Superhero, without a cape. 6 wonderful kids (well with me, it’s debatable) and all brought up well with the Superhero, my Mother.

I am praying for exacting steady hands of the surgeons and wise choices for my Mother back. I am praying today for my Mother to continue being the inspiration that she is and continue to fight her way to good recovery and health.

Me, Mariah forming a Heart with my hands fingers, red nail polish on with white stamped hearts
Me forming the shape of a Heart to send to all my lovely readers… love you all!

Please my friends of all faiths, say a prayer or if you don’t believe in prayer, send good thoughts and love out for my Mother, Thank you!

And one more thing, please don’t be shy… sign the get well car for my Mother, even if you don’t know her or me well! Mom can use some serious cheering up to help give her strength and keep the faith as she heals… please go sign now and feel free to put up a fun or adorable loving picture with your signing well wishes for her! CLICK HERE

8 thoughts on “A Day of Prayer for Me – Mother in Surgery”

  1. Your mother and entire family are both in our heart and prayers. If she is anything like you Mariah she will be up doing things noone thought possible very soon.

  2. I have been reading your posts about your mother, and wanted to let you know your family is in my prayers! I went through a very long journey with my mother suffering from major auto immune problems, and watched her pass away to be with the Lord pain free about a year ago the hardest thing I have ever been through. The one thing I learned nothing is more important in being there every second that you can, thank God she has a supportive family to help her through this rough time! Sending big hugs to you all, I will be keeping up on her condition!

    1. Nicole, I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I’ve been very sick. Thank you so much for your being an active reader, for your support and your prayers during this trying time.

      I cried when I read about your Mother, her autoimmune disease, your watching her suffer and pass away. A year ago? this must be a very raw subject for you, thank you so much for sharing… it’s hard to deal with our Mothers being so sick and it must be a great pain (though you know she’s now pain free and with the Lord above) in your very heart as you miss her. I cried for you.

      My mother too has autoimmune, as do I and of course with her back problems she has osteoarthritis (as do I). I am so thankful that I am a member of a very supportive, large family… she is still staying positive and I cried after one of my brothers called me thanking me for my supporting Mom, I told him I haven’t done much since I’ve been sick and pretty much at home and talking to her too infrequently, I feel guilty, and cried because I don’t feel I’ve done enough yet. Though I will be home with her when she goes up to their home in the mountains, I will be packing my bags and staying up there for a while and Mom and I will find time to do our artwork and crafting together and just have a bunch of laughs as we always do. Sure it will be hard and hard on Dad and me, with diaper changes and moving her around etc etc… but we will make it all fun. 🙂

      Thank you again Nicole, God Bless you! You shared something so personal with me and I really am honored that you chose to share! Thank you thank you!

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