Howdy All

Sick Teddy Bear Bandaid Taking TempuratureHi there everyone. I am still alive and kicking here, I am finally feeling somewhat human again, this Flu going around really knocked me off my feet for a while. And I am getting some more work done on building the blog here. I hope that this finds you all well and avoiding the flu.

Please make sure to pay careful attention to washing your hands, be aware of touching your face, and it is a good idea to carry around with you some instant hand sanitizer while this flu is going around. I don’t usually like the hand sanitizers they can be quite drying. Keep in mind that a certain percentage of the flu bug is airborne to friends, if you sick cover up the cough or sneeze… if you are afraid of catching it and are already ill and susceptible to the flu, do consider wearing a mask, your health is more important than your appearance for Gosh Sakes.

And please do get your shot, it’s not too late and it takes several weeks for you to build the immunity.

I wasn’t cautious this year, and I have been paying for it, as a result I am still worn down, but doing better now. Please do get your shot, this is the first time in years that I did not and I am regretting it still today.

Here is wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year! Take care of yourselves and your loved ones this flu season, trust me you don’t want this flu.

Oh I forgot, yup my excuse? Well I am not 100% yet. I just added the below… 🙂

Also friends, the first 48 hours of catching this bug, you can make it easier on yourselves if you seek out your doctor for the Tamiflu… unfortunately with my chronic pain and other health issues I thought I was just getting out of Lupus SLE remission as I run a fever, chills and the pain goes up more then the Fibromyalgia does. Lesson learned, if it doubt go in and have yourself checked right away since there could be relief for you making the flu not as severe or lasting quite as long.

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