Busy Times in the Lockwood household

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Hi there everyone, it’s been crazy busy here in the Lockwood household lately. Now that I am finally feeling better, we’ve had so much to catch up on here and Doctors Appointments to go to etc.

A belated Happy Birthday goes out to my husband, I roasted a Turkey for his birthday dinner, although I was sick. We went out and bought a game for our PS3 (figures it was our Christmas gift to eachother, trading in the ancient first version of the Xbox and now we find out the PS4 will be coming out shortly). My husband it hooked on the Games Elder Scrolls, so we picked up a used version of Skyrim at a game store. He seems to be having a blast with it and the graphics are fantastic, so when we aren’t running all over town he is playing his High Elf. I don’t mind that it’s on our only TV as it’s almost like watching an interactive movie. lol

News, my Mother finally got out of the hospital last week, yay! Her port was taken out as a possible place that was housing and growing the infection in her. Though she says it’s a pain as she has to hook up to the IV Antibiotics at home and she needs to wrap her arm in plastic when she takes a bath. She found out that plastic wrap that has one sticky side works very well, and she has Dad assist her in wrapping and upwrapping her arm, so as not to get bath water on the area.

Mom’s antibiotics for the infection is only needed to be taken every other day, no more of the twice a day routine that she’s gone through before with it. This is good, though she will be on it for a bit of time yet. I am sure glad she is home, my husband and I need to go up and visit her in the foothills here soon, she gets so lonely up there as there are only a few neighbors up there and all her friends like a ways away.

I hope you all have been well, I am not sure if I had the same flu that was going around as mine just lead to a sneezing, runny nose, fever and just awful achy and run down. I will see my doctor next week and talk to him to see if it seems I should still get the vaccine for the flu or not.

Please be careful out there my friends, take with you an antibacterial hand cleaner, I have one in my purse and when my husband and I went out to eat yesterday I made sure to use it as well as upon exiting the doctors offices.

Well, back to work on the background of the blog here, Love and hugs to you all.

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