Rachael Ray Nutrish for Dogs – Naturally Delish Review


A while back I was invited to let my “Fur Kids” (my two dogs) test our some new dog food called Nutrish, that is by Rachael Ray.

Introducing my “Fur babies”, my 2 fur kids are Mr. Peanut (my 11 yr old Dachshund) and Tiny (my 3 yr old Min-Pin).

Mr Peanut, Mariah's Long haired Dapple DachshundTiny - Mariah's Little Min-Pin dog





When the dog food arrived and I realized that the dog food was soft, I was very concerned.

closeup Hearty beef stew rachael rays delish dog food

In the past there has only been one type of soft dog food that my dogs have been able to eat without getting diarrhea/dysentery. Until we recently discovered that one brand of dog food was okay for our dogs, we avoided canned soft dog food like the plaque. A friend sent us some canned soft dog food, saying that our boys needed to try it… even then we avoided feeding it to the dogs until a special occasion (last Christmas). It just figures doesn’t it, that the dogs go nuts over such a treat as soft dog food and usually that stuff made them sick.

See my dogs eating their nummy new soft food (below) note poor ol’ Mr. Peanut, getting gray in the face… he is 11 but his little brother “Tiny dog” is keeping him good and young! 🙂

Mr Peanut Eating Rachael Rays Dog food

Tiny Dog Eating Rachael Ray's Delish Dog Food

Now we know of two soft foods to feed our dogs that they won’t have a bad reaction to! Yay! Whew what a relief! And believe me I waited and waited for a couple of weeks,. avoiding feeding the Nutrish to the boys. I was so scared of the mess on their backsides and possibly accidents in my house.

the 4 flavors of Nutrish dog food by rachael ray

The Flavors of Nutrish Dog food that my little fur kids got to try?

Chicken Paw Pie, Savory Lamb Stew, Hearty Beef Stew and Chicken Muttballs. What fun names for dog food, and the look of the food? Looks good enough for people food. lol

rachael ray dog food in Hearty beef stew looks good enough to eat!

Nutrish, Naturally Delish is inspired by recipes from Rachael Rays’ kitchen. These are stews made with wholesome, simple ingredients with no wheat*, corn, or soy in the mix. Also there are no meat by-products or fillers, and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in this soft food.

*The Pasta in Chicken Muttballs is made with some semolina wheat flour however.

Well, if my dogs reactions to the food is any indicator, I’d say the taste must have been good, and the smell must have been wonderful too as they begged as soon as I peeled the foil like seal (that is under the plastic re-closeable lid) off the container.

Tiny and Mr Peanuts Dog dishes with Heartybeefstew by rachael ray's Nutrish

What can I say, I always liked Rachael Ray and her shows on the TV, not only does she make great people food but her dog food made my two fur babies happy! Thank you Rachael Ray!

The dog food comes in nice plastic containers that you can see the food through, the food looks a lot like a stew and that was so reassuring as this was the first soft dog food ever that really looked tasty even to me. lol I could see the bits of vegetables and meat in the gravy like sauce surrounding them, I found this so very refreshing!

close up of nice plastic container that houses Rachael Ray's soft dog food

Since Mr. Peanut and Tiny are both weighing between 13 & 16 pounds, I had them both split each container of food in half. If I had just one dog and it was small, the containers are resealable with their plastic lids, so take out what you need, place the lid back on it and store it in the refrigerator, until the pups next meal.

Did you know my dog Tiny is a rescue dog?

My husband and I rescued our dog Tiny 2 years ago, the poor 1 year old puppy was skin and bones, his eyes were dull (and always half closed, so sad looking), his coat was dull, he had worms and had been up for adoption for a long time before we found him. As if that wasn’t enough, poor little Tiny was shy and skittish too.  Today Tiny is at the perfect weight, his coat is shiny, his eyes are huge & twinkling. Tiny has become a huge part of our little family, and he’s not only sitting on our laps but loves to sit on the laps of our friends and family as he’s grown out of his shyness and has become more trusting of others. Why am I talking about my rescue dog? I am talking about this because Rachael Ray has created “Rachael’s Rescue” and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Nutrish go to help these animals in need! The money goes to medical supplies, food and treatments for these unfortunate animals. You can find out more about the program at rachaelsrescue.org!

Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, Nutrish provided me with a free sample of this product to test. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. . All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Me (Mariah Lockwood).

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