Pain Relief From Tommie Copper, Does it really Help? Women’s Compression Tights Review & Giveaway

Tommie Copper Review & Giveaway

Edit 7/24/14:  Hi There, I have a review and Giveaway of a $50 Tommie Copper Gift Certificate… good through: Aug. 11, 2014! You can find this Review and Giveaway here:



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Hello all, I was recently asked, by the lovely people at Tommie Copper, if I would review their latest release of the Women’s Compression Tights and of course I was not only honored to have the invite, but I was also very excited! I have had lower back pain all my life. The lower back pain along with the Fibromyalgia and the nerve damage to my lower back and hip pain, from an accident I was in about 11 years ago, it’s been virtually impossible to sleep, unless I pass out from total exhaustion! Some of you may have seen the commercials for Tommie Copper with Montel Williams, he too suffers from pain and he recommends Tommie Copper. The commercials with Montel Williams were my first exposure to the product and had me very interested in trying them out for myself as I did about a year and a half ago. The latest big name associated with Tommie Copper is Justin Gatlin as this Gold Medalist was on the tv show “Extra” handing out Tommie Copper products to fans… you can see the clip if you go to YouTube and look up Tommie Copper. I tried to load the clip here but it would first load to the correct clip and then change to the Happy Holidays YouTube (that is below) from Tommie Copper. *shrug* You may recall that in June of last year, I was fortunate enough to be invited to review the Tommie Copper Women’s Short Sleeved Shirt, and I loved it, it helped with my pain from a bad shoulder, another accident, many years back, messed it up and of course again the fibromyalgia and Lupus Pain the shirt helped a lot and continues to do so today. The shirt kept me from the doctor’s office for a steroid shot in my shoulder for some time now.

women's compression wear shirtI’ve received letters about my past review with some questions:

The readers have asked me what I still think and feel about the product and about its longevity… the shirt is still working well, I even had to add a tan shirt to my Tommie Copper Collection in the past year. I noticed that the tan shirt is no longer being sold, I suspect that I know why… the only problem I noticed with the tan shirt is that a patina has developed on the underarms… not where you want a pretty copper patina. Lol This Patina is not problematic as I do not wear the shirt alone, I wear it under my clothing, even in the summer. Yes in the summer I continue to feel cool and dry, even with the Tommie Copper on… it does indeed wick away the dampness, even in a home without Air Conditioning or a Swamp Cooler and dealing with well over 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures as we experienced this past summer with record-breaking temps.

Receiving and looking at the Tights:

Picture of Mariah's Tommie Copper Compression Tights (Black) I received the Ladies Compression Tights in the mail, the material looks the same as on the shirts, the stitching is perfect and it has the Tommie Copper Logo on the hip. The tights, in my humble opinion, are more like leggings as they continue down to the ankle and do not have feet on them.

Trying on the Tights:

I have to admit I was a little worried about the compression as just touching the hips, as of late, wearing jeans that fit brings on pain. I found that the sizing and compression was perfectly matched to my problems as it didn’t irritate the area. The only irritation I got was while I slide the waist band, and not stretching it over my hips, once the waist band was up where it is supposed to be, I am fine. I found it quite easy to get into, no struggling and straining my shoulders to get into them. I have nerve damage (sciatica) in my lower back and hip nerve pain from an accident, the Tommie Copper Compression Tights helped , nothing really takes the pain away completely (just as it is with anything for pain, like medications) but it helps me.

Wearing the Tights:

Tommie Copper Ladies Compression Tights The material is such that I can easily wear a pair of pants over them and no one is all the wiser, there is no bulk to them at all, it’s like a second skin. Looking in the mirror, I don’t see why I cannot wear this with a big shirt for working out or walking around the house and still being presentable to the public if a knock came at my door. I could even see wearing these with a short dress that is in my closet, that is a little too short to wear without something over my legs. While wearing the Tights I found that it took a few days wearing them to start seeing relief. I even sleep in these tights, and I must say that I tend to sweat at night, with my hubby and 2 little dogs in bed keeping me very warm, and I have noticed that I don’t feel the moisture as it wicks it off just like the shirts do. I have slept better at night when I wear these and I now live in these tights, taking them off just to wash and dry them. I hope to add another pair and maybe a pair of their shorts to my wardrobe soon. I have not found anything as supportive for my Fibromyalgia pain as Tommie Copper has been and it even took down my nerve pain some. I still cannot sleep on my sides for very long, as I prefer to sleep, but if I turn onto my sides at night I have a longer time before I wake up in pain going down my legs, hey every little bit helps when you are living with chronic pain.

Recommendations for Washing:

Avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softener with your Tommie Copper, this gets in the way of the copper and this is part of the key to the product working so wonderfully.

Would I recommend Tommie Copper Tights to people?

Yes I sure would, the product helps with pain, even eased up my nerve pain some. People that experience nerve pain know that this is a very difficult pain to get an ounce of help with. I found the products from Tommie Copper are great quality and the fact that they last such a long time is a big plus (again I have one of their shirts and it is still holding up well). Tommie Copper have taken the light tan-colored products off their site, a sign that they noticed a problem arising and listened to their customers…I have a feeling that it was the patina (the copper turned green is a patina) from the copper that showed in those light colored fabrics that caused them to get rid of that color in the fabric. Hey the patina on the older shirt of mine does prove that they have somehow managed to get the copper into their fabulous products! Lol If you experience pain, from straining, sprains, Fibromyalgia and/or are a “spoonie” like me, I highly recommend Tommie Copper, get one product to try it out and I bet you will be back to pick up more. Nothing has left me with the Compression I needed for my pain, the copper content and yet being able to move well at the same time as Tommie Copper has.

Tommie Copper Recommends these Tights for:

Picture of Tommie Copper's Website information on what they recomend the Women's Tights (Leggings) for And of course for Holiday Gift Giving! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received Women’s Compression Tights for this product test. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Tommie Copper and Myself .

37 thoughts on “Pain Relief From Tommie Copper, Does it really Help? Women’s Compression Tights Review & Giveaway”

    1. I seen you said your mom gets a lot of Charlie horses, well not to take away from tommy but if your mom would take a sip of pickle juice every so often she will not have any more. I would get them all over myself legs, feet, calf and even my toes. I couldn’t even stretch without getting one. Now that I sip on pickle juice I don’t get at all. I use to drink when I was a kid because I liked it and now it’s for Charlie horse.

  1. I would give the tights to myself, I have a body pains, more in my upper legs, Dr, is running tests to confirm first stage of Fibromyalgia or if Osteoarthritis. I would gift the Wrist Compression Sleeves to my teen granddaughter who is a cheerleader and broke her wrists 2 times.. she get pain when she over does it with her wrist.. this might help her.

  2. I would gift a shirt to my sister. She was in an accident several years ago and suffers from lower back pain. Now she is 6 months pregnant and would definitely appreciate some relief with the extra (though temporary) weight she is carrying. Thanks for hosting this cool giveaway!

  3. I would give the Wrist Compression Sleeves to my BFF because she has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and suffers a lot with it. They’d be great for her!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  4. I’m already a fan of Tommy Copper – though I’ve yet to make my first purchase (saving up for a LARGE order one of these days!)

    Anyway, I would want a pair of the Men’s Compression Socks for my husband. And a pair each of the Women’s Compression Socks and Tights for both me and my Mom!

    Aside: I would truly LOVE to win this prize!

  5. This is a cool in addition to handy bit of details. I am glad that you simply contributed this helpful data here. Please continue being us educated like this. Thank you for giving.

  6. I wore the full outfit during Dec and Jan, by February I had a HORRIFIC reaction to the clothing. I use to walk every am, but can no long do it. I’ve read about several people breaking out in rashes which I also did and here it is July and the rashes still won’t heal, but are spreading slowly. They compare to parasite rashes with burning, itching and the scabs ooze a yellowish fluid. I sent pictures of my reaction with sores on my legs and arms, a greenish tint to my skin and horrific edema in my arms, legs and face to Tom Kallish designer of Tommie Copper Clothing and his response was “Contact my attorney” They advertise to wear it , or it won’t work, so I did and now I live in HELL. I’m in shorts for the summer and people are constantly asking me about the sores on my feet and ankles.

    1. ouch! OMG! Thank you for your notice about your problems with them. Sounds like you reacted to the copper in the clothing… yes contact their attorneys by all means and get one of your own. See a dermatologist too please and in the mean time avoid washing anything you wear or place on your skin that has any perfume in it (that is my advice as a former Cosmetologist and thus my limited knowledge about skin care and reactions)… this includes not washing your clothing in perfumed detergents and using perfumed fabric softeners. Also an extra rinse of just plain water on your clothing may help, just to clear away any detergent left behind.

      I am not affiliated with Tommy Copper, I just reported my own findings while wearing the outfits that I have and I have not reacted to them.

      I am glad, however, to see you posted a comment here, for my readers to see, in case they too have a reaction or to have a word of caution.

      I hope that you find relief soon, this does sound just terrible… I am so sorry to hear of your problems with the product.

    2. GRLS, I read you post on this website & I’m wondering if you had any allergy to metals prior to using the tommy copper clothing. I personally have metal allergies to certain types of jewelry that causes me to break out & have been wondering if I could use this product. If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  7. I am a CFS/Fibromyagia/Myofascial Syndrome patient. I love Tommie Copper. I have now been wearing a little over a year. I wear the long sleeve black shirt, with the black leggings and the socks. The way i describe the pain relief it’s like a huge muffler. When my pain is a 10 this will bring me down to a 4. A much more manageable level to be at. I have gotten a suit for my father who has bad back and spinal pain. He loves it also. I wear it all the time.

    1. I know what you mean, with me it’s the same! Love my Tommie Copper… wish it helped me just as much, but for me every little bit is a help between all you are going through (which I am as well) and my nerve pain & bursitis, the tommie copper really helps maybe brings the 10 down to an 8 on the average. I need to see if I can review some for my hubby, it may help him as well. 🙂 Glad you stopped by and left a comment, nice to hear other experiences. 🙂

  8. I am interested in the leggings or the tights! I had arthroscopic surgery on 1 hip due to a labral tear about 2 and a half years ago. Since then I have had increased joint pain. The doctors say I need both hips replaced, but am trying to hold off since I am only 41!

    Any info or feedback would be great

    1. I understand hesitation on getting surgery… especially at 41 (or even 50 for that matter)… however if it’s a tear, the surgery may help. This sounds a lot like my husband’s knee that had a tear in it and they knit it back together and it helped a lot.

      I am not a doctor or a specialist of any sort (nor am I affiliated with Tommie Copper) but I always appreciate people, like you, asking me what I think.

      From my experience the pants do help some with the pain, mine however appears to be both the fibromyalgia and nerve damage, so it may not work the same as it does for me.

      However, if you pain is as bad as mine, I would consider it worth a try to get the “tights” and try them out… if the pain level (for instance) goes from an 8 to a 7 or 6, that little bit can make a world of a difference in just keeping your sanity with such terrible pain, as you must be in.

      I checked their site, I never thought about seeing if they had a return policy and they do. They (and I quote) “…offer a 60 day unrestricted return policy, minus the applicable shipping and handling incurred.” I see that they have either a refund credited or replacement on this. So what can you lose (other than the cost of shipping a lightweight item back to them if you are not happy with it). Just make sure you keep the Original Packing Slip. 🙂

      I wish I could help you more, I do love my Tommie Copper and I recomend it to anyone who asks… since I live with chronic pain, any bit of relief I get is a help.

      I hope that this reply helped you out, and once again thank you for posting a comment! If you do decide to try Tommie Copper, please return here and let my know if and how it worked for you.

      PS: One side note, if you get Tommie Copper for yourself, remember when washing it, that you shouldn’t use any fabric softener on it as it coats the copper that helps with pain.

      PPS: I just read an article about wearing copper today and they said it can help with the skin as well and has antimicrobial properties (germ resistant)… just an interesting finding today that I thought I would shae with you

  9. I have suffered from chronic lower back pain and bi-lateral hip pain for 9 years now. I have tried every treatment available,except surgery, which is not an option for my condition. So, I had resigned myself to years and years of my pain levels being controlled by meds and physical therapy. I decided to give Tommie Copper products a try with hope, but a degree of skepticism. Boy, was I surprised at how much the products helped! I get hip injections periodically, but between injections, it is impossible to put any pressure on either hip. After wearing the TC leggings, the pain definitely was reduced. I also wear the camisole and ss shirt. I also suffer from neck and shoulder pain and the ss shirt helps with this. I wanted to see what would happen if I went a couple of days w/o wearing my TC clothing. Big mistake! I have begun wearing them 24/7. I have just ordered two pair of shorts and two more camisoles for the summer. I have experienced no skin reaction whatsoever, and as I said, I have been wearing them 24/7 for over 3 months now. Cannot do without my TC! Also recommended them to my pain specialist so that she could forward the info to other patients.

    1. Hi Donna, so wonderful to hear from you! I too cannot do without my tommie copper for any length of time, believe me I’ve tried too! I have some more to review on the blog here too… chronic sprained ankles, who has EVER heard of that? And perhaps 6 months to feel better again? Yup that’s me, and wrists too… having a rough time with a lot of problems needing Tommie Copper daily.

      Take care of yourself and thank you for your comments on my blog, I am sooo very glad that you too have discovered Tommie Copper and the relief the products can give you… I’ve even started my hubby on using Tommie Copper for the next review. 🙂 He’s loving them too!

  10. Were these the Recovery or the Performance Tights? I am a chronic pain sufferer and want to try these for my Sciatica (injury from years ago) but I wasn’t sure which ones to go with.

    1. layla, the tights that I reviewed would be the recovery Tights… they have just added the Performance line and labeled what I had reviewed as Recovery wear now.

      I would go with Recovery for any injuries and chronic pain problems. This is what I decided to do at home and it seems to be working for me & my husband. 🙂

      Good luck Layla, I hope you find it helps you out as much as it’s helping me out.


    1. for you I would recomend looking into the Recovery Tights, they are just like leggings, they do come in 2X at most at this time. I wish I had good news on the sizes. I looked at the Leggings and they too are only up to 2X in size. I am sorry to hear about your aches in your joints…
      Another option and possibly a size that would fit would perhaps to try out their knee sleeves and socks? you can check out their pages for women’s were Leona:
      I am sorry that I couldn’t help more, I have just reviewed their products and I am not part of the company, so all I can do is look up answers for you Leona. I would also suggest that you contact tommie copper and request they increase their sizes for the larger people that these products would also help out very much. Take care and I hope you find something that works for you. Please let me know if you do, I would love to hear about any product that helps you out.

  12. I scanned the comments, but did not find what I was looking for. Recently I hurt my lower back – whether a strain or a pull or a whatever I don’t know but it is improving. My question is about the core band. I don’t want to wear it over my boobs, nor do I want to pull it down over my thighs as the demo on the tommiecopper website shows. I want to wear it around my lumbar region only, under a shirt so no one will know at my job.

    Have you had any experience with the core band; or if this is not the item I should be interested in, what item would be best?

  13. Will medicaid cover the cost of Tommy Copper products? Are at least pick up a portion of it??
    And where can I get a price list please?

    1. Great Question Angela, the best advise I can give you is to see if your Doctor will prescribe this for you and if so, then Contact your States Medicaid Office to see if they would honor a prescription for it. Should they refuse you through Medicare, you should have a right to
      start an Appeal Process. Hopefully they will honor your need for Tommie Copper… I only review their products, when given the honor by Representatives of Tommie Copper, so if you wish to contact them and see what they have to say, here is a link to their Contact info: and if perhaps they can help you if you are having problems getting Medicaid to honor your prescription, they may have seen how others have or haven’t been able to get a prescription for their products honored by doctors. 🙂

      I hope that this helps you Angela! Good Luck and you are in my thoughts and prayers for your success and for help with your pain.


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