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Gray, Pink, Blue Electric Brush Skin Cleaning - Professional Skin Care System - ExfoliatingToiletTree, invited me to try out one of their new products that were recently added to their line. So today I want to share with you one of their great new products, their Professional Skin Care System. When I was invited to try this out, the Cosmetologist in me screamed for pure joy, I’ve been drooling over so many of ToiletTree’s items for so long and this is one addition to their line had just made it up to the very top of my wishlist! To see all their products, sold on Amazon, copy and paste this link to your URL area in your browser: (sorry but Google currently only allows a few links in posts or the SEO of my site and the linked sites are penalized, the direct links to this product can be found later in this post).

Frankly, I don’t see why one company creates a product that you find out there and it costs well over $100 for it, I’ve held that over $100 item in these hands before and couldn’t find myself sold on it no matter the name, it’s the results that count right? So why not look into less expensive products like this one from ToiletTree? Yes I am not a label/logo buyer, I am too frugal for that… what matters most to me is that the product works as it is advertised and that the quality of the item meets my standards. The product from ToiletTree not only has met my standards but exceeded them, giving me more for my money with a great quality product & great results!

Now when it comes to my standards there is nothing that I am more knowledgeable or picky about than anything to do with my former profession as a Cosmetologist, to quote my husband, “I have probably forgotten more things about this then most people will ever know”, after all I not only worked in the field but I taught advanced education to professional Cosmetologists. I have to say right at the get go, that I love my Professional Skin Care System from ToiletTree and I cannot ever rationalize purchasing anything else, from anyone else out there, ever again.

I want to add a disclaimer here for you all, since I will be giving you my advice on your skin care and use of ToiletTree’s Professional Skin Care System. By no means is my opinion posted here meant to replace advice of a Doctor, Dermatologist, nor of a currently practicing Cosmetologist/Esthetician, these are just some advice from what I know from my past experience and as a Former Cosmetologists. Below you will find a mixture of advice, knowledge and my thoughts on using this system.

When you look at Systems for the manual/mechanical exfoliation and cleaning, like this system, here is what you should look for and what I’ve found in the ToiletTree Products Skin Care System:

  • Is it waterproof? Yes it is
  • Do they sell replacement heads? Yes they do for all the brushes and the pumice stone head.
  • Does the product feel sturdy to the touch? Yes, as compared to another that I got a few years back from “reputable” company, that consisted of a cheap plastic and wouldn’t work after first use.
  • Is it comfortable in the hand? Yes this is made of a really good plastic and rubber like material (the colored, in my case blue) areas.
  • Does the product have a good Warranty? Yes, it has the ToiletTree Warranty, which includes a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. And free from defects for 1 year Warranty.
  • Are the brushes gentle to the skin? Yes the normal and the soft brushes are fantastically soft & flexible.

And this system comes in 3 great colors Pink, Blue and Grey. I chose the Blue, I at first was going to choose the Pink, but I noted the cord on the end of the tool and decided that blue would work great for hanging this up in my bathroom.


What exactly is this Professional Skin Care System?  (what does it actually do)

This Skin Care System is for Exfoliation. There are 2 forms of Exfoliation, either Chemical or mechanical. This System from Toiletry includes 2 different different ways to mechanically exfoliate.

Why would you wish to use this System to Exfoliate:

Starting from the teen years on ward it is beneficial to start exfoliating the skin on a regular basis.

As we age the skins natural sloughing off the old skin cells slow down, giving you duller, rough skin and can make discolorations more prominent.

The benefits of Exfoliating are, the removal of dead skin cells, lightening of skin discolorations, smoothing out the skin and preventing clogged pours. This also helps on the face and body by preventing ingrown hairs and lessening of acne. This benefits wrinkles too by softening them as well as allowing your moisturizers to penetrate the skin surface easier. Just like an Artist uses Gesso to make the canvas perfectly prepared for painting, the use of this system twice daily to exfoliate your skin will help make your skin the perfect canvas for application of your makeup.

When and who should avoid this system or parts of it:

Please consult a physician or dermatologist before using this if:

If you have eczema, psoriasis, on your face, body or feet do not use the system during activity of your condition and consult your dermatologist before using.

If you have a sunburn, open sores, broken skin (even over scabs, a rash or severe acne avoid using it in the affected areas.

If you have diabetes, you most likely shouldn’t use the body brush on your legs and feet as well as not using the pumice stone, consult your dermatologist if you still wish to try to use it.

Use Caution when using this or any system like this, do not use this on your eyes. Please do not press in (using pressure) on your skin, especially on the gentle skin of your face.

In this system you will find:

  • 2 brushes for Facial Exfoliation, one is a medium brush for normal exfoliation and the other is an extra soft brush for sensitive skin.
  • A larger brush and this is for body Exfoliation.
  • The second form of mechanical exfoliation included in the system is a pumice stone head, that works great for calluses on your feet.
  • Inside the Professional Skin Care System are the instructions for use, it is very Important to read this through before using.

This is a waterproof System so you can use it in the shower, it works great with my Fogless Shower Mirror from ToiletTree! And it makes my skin feel smooth, soft, and super clean. My moisturizers absorb better after I use the system. After using for about a month I can see that the sun spots on my skin are lightning up and my wrinkles are a bit less noticeable.


My Blue Pro Skin Care System from ToiletTree in the box insert, contains 4 heads, 2 for face (one regular and one gentle), 1 hands, foot and body Brush (large) and 1 pumice stone for feet.
My Blue Pro Skin Care System from ToiletTree in the box insert, contains 4 heads, 2 for face (one regular and one gentle), 1 hands, foot and body Brush (large) and 1 pumice stone for feet. Batteries Included

Cleaning and Exfoliating:

I recommend that you start with the soft brush when using this system, better safe then sorry with your skin. See how this works for you, if you feel your skin is doing well with the soft brush then go up to the medium bristle brush for your face, this will exfoliate more.

Wash yourself before using the system, you should have clean skin already before touching these brushes to your skin. You don’t want to be brushing your makeup, oils, dirt etc around while exfoliating your skin, so first use a product designed for makeup removal or wash the skin on your body/hands and/or feet.

After you remove makeup or wash, rinse well, then apply your cleanser (DO NOT use an Abrasive Cleanser with the system) to your wet face/body/hands and start up your Skin Care System.

Keeping the Brush flat to the skin, continue using this in soft slow circular motions.

You will find that some of your cosmetics, that were left behind after removing makeup will be removed as you exfoliate too.

Rinse your skin well after use.

When done rinse well and apply your moisturizers.

When using the Pumice stone it is best to soak you feet first before using it, this will soften those tough calloused areas. Don’t over do it, you want to only take a little bit of that callous off at a time, overdoing it can cause problems including pain, possible infections etc. When done again apply moisturizers.

After using the System

Gently clean off the head(s) and set on a towel to air dry.

I saved the plastic insert from the box and when the brushes and pumice stone are dry I use it to store it in a drawer in my bathroom, this way protecting the brushes in this way.

Speaking of the brushes, ToiletTree has replacement brushes for it and you should replace them if and when the brushes get deformed.They recommend that you replace the heads every so often for the product to continue to exfoliate at it’s best.

I love my Skin Care System from Toiletry, I don’t understand why people would pay more for something that they can get at a very reasonable price and a great value for your hard earned money through ToiletTree on Amazon… CLICK HERE to see the Professional Skin Care System (to see any of the 3 choices you can click on the little boxes just to the right on the large picture). This is on Sale right now at Amazon too at just $25.00, I personally wouldn’t buy those others when for this low a price I could buy 4 or more of these, a great value for the price! What a great Gift this would make for the men, women and teens in your life, color code them for each person. And when purchasing, why not give them a spare set of heads for their system.

ToiletTree currently has a Holiday Sale going on! When you purchase 2 or more of their products you can get a Free Travel Mirror! Just add the Travel Mirror by ToiletTree to your Amazon Shopping Card and then Use the Code: TRAVEL27

I believe I need to pick up another one at this low a price and send it out to my sister as a gift! ToiletTree has never disappointed me, their products are not only lovely to look at but are high quality! The products from ToiletTree are very well thought out too… they lack any problems that I’ve found in other brands, from Fogless Shower Mirrors, to their Toiletry Bags they are wonderfully functional, well thought out products with great longevity, and I love that they haven’t forgotten to make the products appealing to the eye as well. I love my ToiletTree products!
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Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received a Professional Skin Care System for this review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by ToiletTree and me.

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