Genuinely Nice – The Definition of Nyce (The DON) Hug Me T-Shirt – Review & Giveaway

Sorry folks this giveaway has ended, however the Great work at The DON continues on. Please read on.

Added January 30th 2014:

I have a special coupon code just for you, this will get you 20% off at the Don Shop! Use Coupon Code: MARIAHL You can CLICK HERE to go straight to The DON Shop. Check out page 2 at their shop for my very favorite t shirts…. hug me and I smile at strangers (these are so me, and I bet you know someone that these t shirts would be perfect for).


The DON LogoI was lucky enough to receive an invite to review a T-shirt from The DON (Definition of Nyce). I when I received the email that said “a street wear brand dedicated to promoting positive messages.” I just had to visit their website and when I did, I swear if I could have ever managed to turn cartwheels, I would have at this time. I instantly understood what this company stood for and I felt a a special bond with them. What can I say? I was truly touched and inspired to review the “Hug Me” t-shirt from such a wonderful company.

Hug Me T-shirt from The DONEver heard of warm fuzzies? This company is a Warm Fuzzy Company, spreading those positive things all around and their T-shirts show it too! I won’t go into it now but there is a character for warm fuzzies, the character was a little furball with eyes on it, it represent the philosophy of The Warm Fuzzies. The warm fuzzies are little creatures that send the very feelings that they were named for throughout your body when you get a complement, when you get a hug or someone smiles warmly at you… you even get this inside of you when you do these things for others.

This is a Warm Fuzzy, see my post to find out what a warm fuzzy is exactly
Warm Fuzzy

I thought I would look up Warm Fuzzies online and the Definition as given by is:

“The warm, pleasant sensations one feels in the stomach and heart area when emotionally moved by an act of goodwill or love.“

I can go on and on about this company, I feel that this company was made especially for people like me… I am a hugger and I smile at strangers all the time. I’ve even gotten job offers from local businesses just because they always saw me being friendly and smiling and talking with the other customers, even helping them out if they looked lost. Quite frankly it is a game with me too, the bigger and broader the smile I have on my face the more you will know I am trying to see if I can make someone who looks a bit grumpy smile too. 🙂 But I call that game the wicked side of me. 😉
Puppy Dogs hugs & Smiles
Even though I am quite sick, I have been accused of being well. It’s bad enough having an invisible illness, but when you smile and remain friendly despite your illness it makes some people wonder. Lol I am at the very base of my being a People Person, joking with strangers to try and get a grin, giving hugs to family, friends, neighbors and yes even to strangers. Besides who wants to be around a grumpy person that shows that they are in pain all the time, when you do that you just spread the pain and you are not spreading the joy that life should be full of… this is all a part of why this company has touched my heart.

Okay this post isn’t about me, though I’ve taken it into my heart that this company was made for me. Lol So I will get back to the main topic now. Lol

Me (Mariah) in my Hug Me Tee from The DON
Me in my Hug Me Tee from The DON

I received my lovely t-shirt from the folks at The Definition of Nyce and I have to say the quality is fantastic, the fabric is soft to the touch, no irritating tags to deal with and the women’s t-shirt I received fits just lovely and is very flattering to wear. The quality of the graphics is above par, placed on the T-shirt to perfection (not crooked) and it has not distorted or cracked on me, even with my large chest, like many do on me. And the Tee Shirt isn’t too short either as some companies seem to cut their costs by making them a bit to short, so if you are wearing the lower rise jeans with your tee, you don’t have to worry about showing off your muffin top. 🙂

This company has some fantastic articles and t-shirts on their website, I wish I had been there to participate in their hug event earlier this year… I would have loved it! 🙂 And I would have loved to have met people from their company and the other like-minded participants.

Keep Love Alive Tee-Shirt

I have to tell you that if I owned a business, I would love to have their t-shirts as the dress code for my friendly place of business… whether I owned a Health Food & supplement store or even defaulted to owning my own Shop with my work in Cosmetology this would be my uniform of choice… of course though my customers always knew that if they were to broke to tip me for my service, I still treated them the same (as compared to some of co-workers who avoided working with customers that didn’t tip), instead this cosmetologist accepted a hug as tip and that was just fine with me. Hey even to see a sudden bounce in their step as they walked away from my chair was enough of a tip to keep me full of warm fuzzies for the rest of the day.

Long Sleeve Never Stop Loving T-shirtThey have had “I smile at strangers” t-shirt in their store recently, I hope they get them back. They have Keep Love Alive T-Shirts, And the cute little Rhino Character T-shirts that say “Hug Me” as well as, something new that I would love to have someday a lovely long sleeved off the shoulder shirt that says “Never Stop Loving”.

If we could all only learn to touch one another’s lives, give people a reason to smile and feel good about themselves and if we treat each other well spreading warm fuzzies everywhere we go, what a difference this could make in the world. I sure believe in that, and I believe that our children could greatly benefit from our teaching them about this philosophy too. This is what the company “The Definition of Nyce” is all about.

LeRoy Memorial T-shirt from The DONI just noticed on their facebook page that the wonderful folks at The DON have lost someone near and dear to their hearts folks and this man’s family can use your help and support. If you buy the T-shirt that they custom made for his family at $20 each, you will help them through this rough time and expenses of his funeral etc. Please do consider purchasing a tee shirt to help Le Roy’s family out. Thank you.

Now onto a lovely giveaway for our readers… The DON is nice enough to sponsor a giveaway where 4 people will win a T-shirt like mine! Enter to win and share this with your friends.

Since we don’t have the money here for monthly fees, Rafflecopter is limiting me on what information I can share with you in their application now. And I am so touched by this wonderful company that I want to share all the places you can reach them at in here for those that don’t enter giveaways. Please look them up also at these places (oh and yes, I am limited by Google on how many links we can put in the posts, if we have more then one we are penalized so these are not clickable, I apologize, I know that this is a real pain).

There are 2 Twitter accounts for The DON:  (Keep Love Alive is a campaign by @TheDonClothing and is Youth-Led & Youth-Driven.)

  • @k33pLoveAlive
  • @TheDonClothing (this one is in the Rafflecopter, btw)

On Facebook: (one is in the Rafflecopter)


In Pinterest:

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