Emotions with Teamotions – Mariah’s Tea Adventure, A Review & Giveaway

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Tis the Season for Peace, Hope and Joy!

Teamotions has the perfect products for a Holiday Gift basket. I would place “Seek Peace”, “Have Hope” and “Discover Joy” in a basket (all three teas are together in their “Wellness Perscription:: Serenity”, and if you buy that you save money… yay!) add in some tea cups, tea balls (for the loose leaf tea), wrap it up with the clear or Holiday Colored plastic (I love the kind you can use your drier on to shrink wrap), then decorate with festive ribbons etc. Wouldn’t this be a perfect Hostess Gift for those parties you’re invited to this holiday season? For that matter, for just about anyone this would be a great gift. 🙂


Teamotions teas in cups, just beautiful in white letting the teas truly shine

A while back Joan and I were both invited to try some teas from Teamotions.com. As I write this, I have to say that the name of the company really encompasses everything I’ve learned about the company and their teas. These teas are handcrafted, and have in them herbs, teas and natural flavors all developed to help your emotional well being and promote health (and all the ingredients they use are listed on their site so you have an idea of what you will be drinking in your tea).

Let me tell you about the Company Teamotions:

Teamotions Rachel and Crystal (the Sisters)Reading up on what got these ladies started is a short story. It started off so terribly sad, as I cried, reading about the twin daughters death. Then as I read  of one sisters love/compassion for her sister in mourning…“I wish there was something I could put in your tea to make you feel better”… a innovative product was born at this time. The world, didn’t have any product like this, a tea that can help with emotions. These ladies took this idea and started creating a line of teas that are not just tasty but helpful with the emotions.

Out of necessity the greatest of products are usually born and as you will see in my review, I love their products!

Receiving my envelope in my mail box

I opened it up to find multiple packages of loose leaf teas inside. Joan asked me if I had a tea ball at home for loose leaf tea, I didn’t have a tea ball, but I have something like that for using loose leafed teas. I would however recommend you invest in a tea ball as the spring like action of my little contraption for loose tea leaves, pinches some of the teas between the two sides, letting loose a little bit of the tea as it steeps in the water.

When I opened the package I was impressed with the appearance of the teas, one side of the bags of tea is silver and the other side is clear, so you can see the tea mixture. The plastic sleeves that my teas came in were of a nice quality thick plastic with a ziplock like top, so you can keep your teas very fresh. If you look closely you can recognize some of the ingredients that are listed on it’s label, for instance in the Seek Peace Tea I could even see some shredded coconut mixed into the tea.

The Flavors of their Teas that I tried:

  • Discover Joy – Lemon Vanilla Green Tea
  • Find Strength – Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea
  • Enjoy Rest – Apple Cinnamon Chamomile
  • Seek Peace – Rooibos Coconut Chai
  • Have Hope – Citrus Strawberry White Tea
  • Achieve Clarity – Vanilla Earl Grey

I will tell you about several of the flavors from Teamotions and give you a good idea of what the teas taste like and feel like.

Teamotions 2 Tins of Tea

First Taste of Teamotions:

It was a difficult job for me to decide which Tea to try first, but I decided to go with the emotion that Teamotion named it for, being stressed out that day I decided it had to be “Seek Peace”.

The appearance of the tea peeked my interest when I examined the bag, waiting for my water to heat up. I’ve always found sipping tea to be relaxing, however I seldom took the time out for the relaxation that I know I need from time to time. Something about this tea really did help me relax more then usual, so much so I later made a second cup as I took notes on my thoughts. As I savored the flavors as my taste buds found this tea heavenly. It’s a soothing light Chai like flavor to it, not overly spicy just a lovely mix with a comforting taste. I found myself closing my eyes to see if I could taste more of the ingredients, I can taste a slight taste of coconut, the chai like flavor I found in it that softens you throat as you drink it must be the the coconut, and perhaps the milk thistle and you could indeed taste the flavor of the spices in it too… I found the flavor to be to my taste as it wasn’t sickeningly sweet as all the store bought chai teas I’ve tried previously were. This all in all felt like a delicious soothing treat, again the spices are not over powering and really? I believe that the spices are perfectly blended for something that is made to be peace.

Realization (a tip for using this tea):

After drinking the teas for a while, I came to the realization that I needed to do something. To get the best flavor from these teas, the smaller ingredients in the teas do settle in the packaging to the bottom so mix it up (shake) it up a little to evenly distribute the flavors.

Teamotions 2 Tins of Tea

More Teamotions:

One of the favorites teas from Teamotion is the Enjoy Rest, lovely tea, the tea is light colored and tastes of the familiar Chaomile, with a twist of a light Apple and Cinnamon flavor… very enjoyable. This again contains some ingredients that I am not very familiar with, again it has Rooibos in it, this time accompanied with Green Rooibos. I decided it was about time I looked up this ingredient online. What I found is that Rooibos is said the help many things, including insomnia and is said to anti-inflammatory as well as anti-allergic in properties as well as many other health benefits, preventing cancer, helping asthma and more. It doesn’t contain caffeine, and is a popular tea in South Africa, where it is also given to colicky babies (stomach cramping issues). (Don’t you love the internet where you can look up all these sorts of questions and find many sources? I do!)

It makes sense to me that with the properties of the Rooibos that it is in both the Seek Peace and Enjoy Rest Teas. I found the tea both tasty and soothing to me, it does too help with the tummy with it’s ingredients, as I witnessed it myself with a acidy tummy one day. I find that this tea helps me out at night time when the chronic pain is too much for a good nights rest, this tea has helped me get relaxed enough to sleep a little better at night. Nice and helpful with insomnia caused by pain for me, perhaps others that have trouble sleeping with find it helpful too, if it helps me I bet it would help them too.

Teamotion and Semper Fi Fund:

Semper Fi Fund Gift Sets Picture from Teamotions

I have already decided to go shopping for these teas in the future. My husband is a Former Marine and I love too that they have a Semper Fi Fund collection of Gift Sets, how wonderful! The names are just pure perfection for my husband and his “brothers” (both former and current Marines). The names to choose from in these gift sets are: Honor, Courage, Commitment and $1 of every unit sold goes to this Worthy Cause!

(To find out more about the Semper Fi Fund check out http://semperfifund.org)

What tea of all the Teas is my most “Flavorite” (flavor and favorite all in one word! *smile*):

Mariah's Cup of Tea from Teamotions

As I write this I am drinking my favorite tea from Teamotion, my favorite? I love love love the Achieve Clairty (I have nicknamed this one my Clari-tea!) the taste of a fantastic Early Grey Tea mixed with Vanilla, wow, no one does Early Grey this well and with the vanilla? Well it’s a marriage made in heaven! I am so in love, the vanilla really makes this one a hit with me. You have to laugh at first when you look at the tea, it looks like the cut of dark flavored tobacco that my husband used to smoke in a pipe. Lol But trust me it doesn’t taste like it looks. 🙂 I tell you if you like Earl Grey tea, you will simply LOVE the Achieve Clarity with the soothing taste of vanilla and that aroma that permeates your nostrils as you breath in deeply over the top of your cup, you find yourself relaxing into a sip of the most delicious and aromatic tea.

My Mother Taught me to share:

Unfortunately (for him) my husband is a good guy and he doesn’t touch my review products, unless or until he’s invited. YES, my husband is most certainly on Santa’s Good Boy List. For this review, I haven’t shared even one of my cups of tea, well he’s had a sip here and there… but for the Achieve Clarity, he hasn’t had any at all, it seems I am always sipping it when he’s gone or taking a nap. And doesn’t it figure, Earl Grey is my husbands favorite tea, although he places in it tons of sugar. Upon reflection, I feel guilty so after his nap this afternoon, he will be invited to finally try the last of my favorite teas. I have a feeling he won’t be feeling the need for any sugar in this tea or at the very least he will use much less sugar and I also have the feeling that he will, fall in love with this tea so much that we will be back to buy a big container of Achieve Clarity and we will be sharing this from now on.

Teamotions 2 Tins of Tea

Coffee, Tea and Me (I bet you though I was going to say “or me” lol):

I have become a tea drinker, which I understand is very healthy for you… why do I say this? Well these teas have started me on the track of enjoying more tea then I ever have. Don’t get me wrong, I like tea, I have tons and tons of tea (from a tea company out of Colorado here) however I’ve always been more of a coffee drinker. To tell you the truth. I personally would not have chosen to try teas for a review, as I was not a big tea drinker. I have to tell you that I was glad that Joan mentioned me and offered that I join in on this review, I have now started drinking some tea mid day and at night time. Sometimes it helps to have a friend push you in the right direction and have you try new things… these teas are THE BOMB and do more for me then any other tea has. I get to enjoy the taste, know I am doing something good for my body AND improve my emotions, all that the same time.

I’ve had medicinal teas, after all I live not far from Boulder, and a majority of these teas were not good tasting but I drank them anyway to help with whatever symptom I wanted help with… these teas are nothing like these Chinese medicinal teas…I’ve never had a tea that was even close to the Teamotions. I found Teamotions teas tasty, helpful with the emotions and helpful with the body all at once! I shall look no further for a different sort of tea for each feature since their teas embody all I want in each and every tea.

Teamotions, thank you so much Ladies for developing such wonderful products, you have me sold and have my gratitude for your hard work and making the perfect tea for me. I am so glad I got the chance to try your products and share it with the world, I can’t say enough about how very enchanted I am with Teamotions Teas!

Now there are two things I wish to share with you before I let you go:

  1. The only ways to get these teas are online and to host a tea tasting with a Teamotions Tea and Wellness Consultant, and as I bet you’ve realized folks that some of the very best of the best out there are only sold online or with a company independent sales rep. in at home parties like this. This just goes to show you how very impressive these teas are.
  2. You want to try some of their teas, go hit their website or set up a tea tasting and while your drooling, enter to win a free tin of tea (your choice) and take a chance that you may be a lucky winner friends!

Good Luck!

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Disclaimer: Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I received samples from Teamotions for this product review. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Teamotions and me.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. For those of you in the Boulder/Denver area Teamotions does have a Tea and Wellness Consultant there. Her name is Gina Booton and you can email her at ginabooton@teamotionstea.com. She can come to you and do a tasting for you and your friends and teach you ALL ABOUT the teas and their benefits FOR FREE. You have nothing to lose. Just fill your living room and be prepared to have your mind blown and your life changed-who knew that tea could change your life!!! -Rachel Crawford, Teamotions founder and CVO

    1. Your welcome Rachel! Wow, how fun… I will tell my friends about this and see if I can get some interest since I have become so passionate about your wonderful teas! 🙂

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