Deadly Shooting in an Elementary School

I awoke to a horrific story on the news this morning. A shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.


I do not know what more to say, other then there was a shooting and they say 26 and it includes 18 Children. So far it sounds like the dead children may be from a Kindergarten Class…

(Update) It appears that they found a second shooter (suspect) and he’s arrested.

I am in shock and mourning for the Newtown, CT people.

I am having a rough time writing this or finishing up my review & giveaway of the lovely Professional Skin Care System from ToiletTree right now. I promise to work on it more in a while, right now my heart is breaking and I cannot think.

Please friends, send out your thoughts and prayers to the people in this small community.

One thought on “Deadly Shooting in an Elementary School”

  1. I am sickened by the whole thing. The local news just said the shooter’s grandmother lives in my town. This poor woman, it must just be awful for her.

    I sat here in tears hearing of the deaths of all the children, and watched many parents standing there waiting for information. Of course the school had been evacuated so the news no matter what was not good. I cannot imagine the fear the poor kids went through, and the other kids will harbor. This is worse to me than any of the other school shootings because of the age of the children killed for no reason at all.

    I had to leave the room eventually and leave my husband to watch. I just could not listen after 3 hours. Then when I watched the night news, the whole story has changed so this will play out for a long time. Sad, sad thing.

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