Mariah’s Newest Winners – Mont Bleu Bling!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Reminder, this is from the old blog: Joan and Mariah’s Reviews, hench references to Joan that you will see on my New blog “Honestly Mariah”)

Sorry for any inconvenience to people waiting on prize winners, however as of earlier this month, Joan is running the drawings for just her winners and I am drawing for just mine. This way we don’t worry about not getting the winners information in a timely manner to the companies… because one of us Co-Owners doing the drawings would have to forward all the winners to whomever did the giveaway post and then they would submit to the companies for the prizes. Basically we’ve cut out one step in the middle to make sure the prizes get out to the winners in the most timely manner possible.

Thank you for understanding the delay, Joan has been sick since I’ve known her and it’s been getting consistently worse, part of the reason she asked me to join her with the blogging adventure 2 years ago. Joan knows I understand being sick as I am disabled (and sick) as well, so we make a great team.

Anyhow Joan has been behind on many of her reviews for months now and even logging onto the computer to run the rafflecopter winners is a strain on her. Please continue your patience as Joan will try to get what she can get done, when she can manage it.

Watch to, in the future for some possible news of changes on the way on the blog, as Joan has some decisions to make as she deals not only with health issues but issues at home as well… there may be some changes on the way in the new year.




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