Creative Bioscience Diet 1234 – Review Part 1, Month 1


creative bioscience left side logoAs you all may recall, a month ago I announced my testing of the Creative Bioscience Product “Diet 1234” for 3 months. As promised I am doing my monthly update for you on the product and how it is working for me.

Shortly after my trial of the product started, my allergies got really bad along with our plumbing leaking in our crawl space, causing molds to be adding to the allergies. Of course the drama at our house can’t just stop with the leak fixed, once that was fixed (took almost 2 weeks) there then was a plug in the septic caused by roots… yay, to top off the already bad situation the vent to the crawl space making me need to deal with waste too!

Anyway, for just over 2 weeks my allergy meds kept me from taking the Diet 1234 product… the only thing that helped my allergies was one you have to sign for at the pharmacy and is also a stimulant, since the Diet 1234 does increase metabolism and has some ingredients that you shouldn’t mix with Caffeine, I figured it was best to lay off the Diet pills for the time being.

While I’ve taken the product for just about 2 weeks total at the time of this writing it is not a full month long trail to report, however… just after the leaks in our bathtub were noticed in the house, I went to a moving away party for a Cousin and people noticed my weight loss there. And here just as recently as this past Wednesday, while visiting my brother and his lovely family up at my parents house I had once again received remarks as to my weight loss. My Mother was very kind to point out that she also heard 2 complements about how I looked and that I lost weight, how sweet when people let you know something good (even great) is being said about you. 🙂

Mariah's Taking this Product, Diet 1234 by creative bioscience

My Mother then asked how the diet 1234 was going and how much I’ve lost. I let her know that I wasn’t sticking to the diet regime (I am a stress/emotional eater so this wasn’t an easy time for me here). I also had split up taking the Diet 1234 & had only had gone through about half a bottle and I don’t like to weigh myself so I didn’t have a number to give her. Why don’t I like to weigh myself? It seems to me we make snap judgements on ourselves and our moods can change due to a stupid number on scale… so until my once a month on the scale, I’d judge how I am doing by how I feel in my clothing daily. I knew I was fitting into my clothing better and some had gotten loose, but I wasn’t curious about my weight until I heard the complements were coming in.

Guess what? I couldn’t wait to weigh myself and see if it just showed in my clothing and my face or if the numbers actually reflected it too. So after our return home I got on the scale… I’ve lost 7 lbs! I really don’t believe it even now… and that is not the time of day to measure your weight, I measured it not too long after dinner that night and the best truest weight is first thing in the morning before you eat or drink a thing oh and Dr. Oz said after you go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. lol

7 pounds lost, I haven’t minded any sort of diet yet, I hadn’t been taking it religiously and I’ve been eating diet no nos… no more then usual, but really no less either. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of months bring, this has given me a great head start and a gleeful feeling. I will be trying to watch what I eat more and try to be more active so we can really see what this product is capable of. creative bioscience products picture

Oh yes, I don’t want to forget, the pamphlet that came with the Diet 1234 has Diet Protocols for all their products. On page 5 the Diet Protocols laid out with the allowed food, it does state that the allowed food goes right along with the previous pages hGC Line allowed foods so there is quite a good list to go with the diet.

I do have to say I am impressed, thus far, with the Diet 1234 and how it is working for me.

Watch next month for my monthly update, and watch in December for the final results as well as the Diet 1234 Giveaway! 🙂

Mariah Lockwood is personally reviewing this product. I received a 90 day supply from Creative Bioscience for this product  test. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return.. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Creative Bioscience.

4 thoughts on “Creative Bioscience Diet 1234 – Review Part 1, Month 1”

    1. Oh thanks, a new idea just popped into my head for the December post and giveaway… lol I am going to find Santa Baby (my recording of my singing it) and put my karaoke up on that review and giveaway. lol How fun would that be? lol

  1. well this is great !! good for you. i have just finished almost cramming myself with crappy fatty foods all day. this sucks because i had my mind all set for 1234……not knowing I should over eat??!!!!!1
    i am worried about the protocol for the diet as I do not eat many of the foods listed on the chart, (i’m not a seafood gal.) I wondered why the xylitol in the gum was as issue as well as a spoon of sugar and creamer powder in my coffee. i’ve chalked it up to *get over it, you’re on a darn diet ! and sacrifices must be made.
    however…..if you tell me i cannot do or cannot have something……..uh oh…. i have issues. rebellious issues.
    i am going to give it a shot and am heading to the grocers in the next few minutes to get stevia and frigging xylitol gum…..strawberries and melba toast. LMBO !!!!! you were inspiring and NON nazi-esque. 🙂 thanks.

    1. Cindy, thank you for your wonderful comments! Good luck to you, I hope you have some success with the diet… it’s no fun limiting yourself and if you are an emotional eater, like myself, the rebellious issues can arise when you are very limited too. I know I am a rebel at heart too, weight loss is not easily done with our limitations either. Please do keep me updated on your diet and if you need to talk, I will be here. 🙂

      Take care of yourself Cindy, and thank you again for your comments on my post.

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