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Leading Lady Bra Giveaway Link repaired

Oopsies! did I really do that?

I had an air-headed moment my friends, and posted a bad link in Rafflecopter and the top of this post… Thank you Karen M. (one of our lovely loyal readers) for giving us a heads up. I am adding several days to the giveaway so you may have a chance to enter more folks! I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

Click here for the Review and Giveaway

Comments Information:

Don't Panic Button

A while back we installed a really aggressive spam blocker for comments, so many of your comments will be held in our spam location until I get to go through them and approve the comments. I am sorry, if this panicked anyone, we just have had way too many spammers posting unrelated comments trying to get more backlinks to their spam sites and I had to get aggressive with our monitoring the comments.


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