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Hi there everyone, I would like to share with you a truly innovative process and the most lovely way to display your Pictures on your walls. I am talking about Easy Canvas Prints and their Photos on Canvas Prints

easy canvas prints logoA while back I was invited to try out a 8 x 10 Canvas Print for on my wall from Easy Canvas. I was so very excited! I had just heard of this last year when I was the proud recipient of a print made of one of my Mothers beautiful Oil Paintings. So I was familiar of the term “Giclee” (pronounce Zhee-klay) and thought that this is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread, through prints done on Canvas like this all 6 of us siblings received a very detailed reproduction of my Mothers artwork to hang up in each of our homes.

I knew exactly which picture I wanted to use for my canvas print, the picture was taken 20 years ago on my wedding day and it truly shows our silliness and cheer on our happy day.

The picture? My husband and I had just tied the knot and while taking pictures, I suddenly spotted a grocery cart just outside the College Chapel. I laughed and pointed out the grocery cart and suddenly had a funny thought… “look Ma, I got me a husband!” So being silly as I can be, I asked around if any of our guests just happened to have a magic marker or pen to write on the front of the cart “just married”. The resulting photograph, from one of the many that were taken at the time shows the great joy and our sense of humor in this moment in time.

Mariah hubbies Wedding Day pictureI was really hoping to scan in the original photo again to try and better capture the words “Just Married” and it occurred to me that I could Photo-shop the words in but I decided to stick with my original scan. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not an option for everyone with the pictures they want printed on canvas.

With my picture located and it was time to go to EasyCanvasPrints.com and get to work. Well, work is hardly the word for it, I found the website not only very easy to navigate but very easy to design and adjust your pictures in. No more accurate name for this company could possibly be found, so Easy Canvas Prints is the perfect name!

Meter to rating the picture quality for canvas printsI was re-assured that my picture would turn out well, when I went to the step to upload it, I love that meter. Luckily my quality was right on, even with what was perhaps the very first consumer scanner that was used ages ago to scan in the original photograph. Whew

Not to fear, if you ever find yourself reconsidering what you want your edges to be in size, placement of your picture or size of the picture on your print, you can always click the “back” button and make changes.

Picture of my Canvas Print on my wallMy picture arrived very carefully wrapped and secure in the box… I must admit that I shook like a child opening up a wonderful present when I got my package. Wait? Nope, couldn’t wait…

Easy Canvas Prints, it’s not only easy to do but it’s the Elegant Way Display your Precious Photos!

Do I love the love the Canvas Print? OH YES and here it’s been hanging up for quite a while and I still smile every time I look at this canvas of our beautiful wedding day. The Canvas is such a lovely texture to the photograph and it adds a sort of Elegance to my wall, without all the fuss of finding the perfect frame. For me this is perfection, others may wish to order their canvas print framed, it is an option and they do all the hard work for you?

I would recommend Easy Canvas Prints to anyone. The hardest part of the whole process? Waiting for the print to arrive, although it was surprisingly fast, I was just so excited it was difficult to wait even the little bit of time it took to arrive.

Also as a side note, my friends, they have another online store, I haven’t personally seen their products in action, but I believe that Joan and reviewed them previously and we had a very satisfied winner of that giveaway. I just now realized I failed to mention them to you and that just was my mistake… if you need some great signs done, everyone sounds very pleased with them. Please go and check out signs at: (www.buildasign.com/).

Mariah Lockwood personally reviewed this product. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, Easy Canvas Prints provided me with a free sample of this product to test. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. . All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The photo’s used in this review were provided by Easy Canvas Prints and Myself.

6 thoughts on “Easy Canvas Prints – Canvas Print Review”

  1. That is a PERFECT picture! I absolutely love it!! To be honest, when I first glanced at it, I thought it was a Lucille Ball photo. It totally channels Lucy and Ricky! 🙂 (Lucy shops for a husband…LOL!)

    Looks like it turned out great on canvas, too. Love it!

  2. Heather, lol… you made me smile. My husband just happens to be Rick (don’t call him Ricky, it seems only I can get away with it.) lol And Lucille Ball… “I Love Lucy” is my favorite “go to” show, when their is nothing else on TV or I need a laugh.

    Thank you Heather for your comment. 🙂

  3. haha, omg love love your sense of humor on your wedding day and that totally cool pic (along with the wall saying too) I like traditional photos in frames but am so in love with this new way of doing things with the wrapped canvas prints and though I only have 1 right now in my home I hope to add to it soon…

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