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I realize that it’s getting to that time of year for back to school, if you’re like me you took your Summer of your Graduation (from High School) off to work all summer, saving up for further schooling. One of the biggest expenses that a Freshman in College will see is how very expensive the books can be to buy!

Oh boy do I remember the prices of books as I went through the college bookstore looking at their offerings… perhaps what I have to tell you will keep you from going to donate Plasma like I did to help with the bills! Wow, and I tell you, those big needles that they used (at least they used back then) sure left some big scars, how embarrassing when the doctor or nurses go to take blood, even now, years later… no folks, it’s not polite to ask a woman her age, but I will save you the embarrassment, I am 29 (but I won’t tell you for how many years I’ve been 29! lol)

I’ve got great news for you Freshmen & Grad Students alike, you can save yourself a bundle by checking out Campus Book Rentals for books to rent.

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Campus Book Rentals? OMG, Now you tell me!


What Rent Textbooks? How does this work? Not to fear here are your perks for renting with them, you are saving from 40 to 90% off from bookstore prices, there is free shipping BOTH WAYS, yup even a free shipping for when you return your text books. You can even highlight, underline and take notes in the margins in their textbooks! The rental time periods are flexible too.

While I had not thought of the book I had lost ages ago when I first looked through all their books, I searched for it “Elementary Treatise in Herbology,” I noticed that they actually had it listed, boy how I miss that book.. luckily I still have my out of print “Advanced Treatise in Herbology.” When I clicked on the result from my search for “Treatise in Herbology” to my lost book, I discovered that if they are out of the book you want, they will refer you to another site where you can most likely find the book in stock, how great is that? I thought it was wonderful, it reminds me of the old Classic Movie “Miracle on 34th Street” where Santa referred others to other stores when an item couldn’t be found at the store he was working at.

I cannot forget to tell you that you can save even more by referring friends to their site too! And I know how being a college student every little bit helps big time!

All in all, I can say that I have a soft spot in my heart for Campus Book Rentals, they donate to Operation Smile with each textbook they rent! This is a very worthy cause too, so you can not only save yourself money but feel extra good about it… and if you don’t know much about Operation Smile, run a search on google. It is a project to fix clef lips with surgeries for children whose family couldn’t afford it.

Please go over and check out their website and while your there, check out their monthly giveaways as well as the textbooks you need. 🙂

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review, however this has not and will not influence what we have to say about their products, as always we will remain honest in any opinions expressed within any post and we are in no way obligated to post either give a positive review, nor run a giveaway etc in return for their sponsoring this review on our site.


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