Heartbreak, Sorrow, Prayers and Condolences

Hi all, I am sure that you have all heard about what just happened at the Theater in Aurora, Colorado (at the Batman Premier Showing).  I’ve been watching TV here like crazy, I initially cried, I’m cried out now… makes me so very sad to see something like this has happened.


I hope that this Horror hasn’t touched any of our readers by their being there, getting shot and the unthinkable… Death.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all touched by the Theater Shooting… including those like me that are sensitive people who cry and mourn for those people.

If you want some info or updates straight from Colorado, I recomend this page and the links contained in the News here: The Denver Channel


One thought on “Heartbreak, Sorrow, Prayers and Condolences”

  1. Such a tragic story. My nephew witnesses Virginia Tech and he said he just cringes and fills with a deep sorrow he cannot explain. My heart and prayers go our to all involved, and as a mother, I prayer for the Moms that have felt the wrath and cowardice of the gun man.

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