Treat That Special Sicky – Spoonful of Comfort Review & Giveaway

bowl of spoonful of comfort chicken noodle soup & a rollHowdy everybody! Is there anything more comforting than homemade Chicken Noodle Soup when you are sick? Joan had found this company a while back called Spoonful of Comfort and this company is perfect for when you don’t have time or the special sick person you know is far away so you cannot visit them in person, also for any occasion these would be a great gift.

spoonful of comfort packingI have to say the way they package their products is so very special. All the special touches like a colorful paper on top of the shipment, and beautiful cheery yellow polka dot ribbons on all the goodies.

spoonful of comfort chicken noodle soup with ribbon

I couldn’t (and still cannot) believe all the special touches to their packaging, it was so very sweet, it’s those touches that really make them special, it’s just like a person took the special extra effort just to cheer you up with the packaging alone! The Spoonful of Comfort Company really shows that they have pride in ALL they do! And these personal touches made my package feel just like I did get something from someone who really cared… what a great idea for a place called Spoonful of Comfort, the care they take in packing is like a warm hug, it’s so very thoughtful!

Okay yes I know, I keep going on and on, gushing over their packaging, but hey, it was my very first impression of them and I still have to say, I’ve never seen this kind of care in anything I’ve received from companies ever before!

spoonful of comfort raisin oatmeal cookies in package

Everything arrived in great shape, not a crumbled cookie in the 6 we received, the soup was bubble wrapped and still cold, the rolls arrived in great shape (they were not squished).

bowl of spoonful of comfort chicken noodle soup & a roll

The Chunks of Chicken in the Chicken noodle soup were huge,although a bit dry for my taste. The Noodles were like homemade, the thickest noodles I’ve seen, the carrots, celery and onions where tender. Not being sick, when I received this, the soup needed a bit more of seasoning for my taste. But it is just perfection for someone who is sick as it’s just what the doctor would recommend for them. I just added a pinch of cayenne, salt and fresh ground pepper… yes just a pinch of cayenne can be a secret ingredient in a flavorful chicken noodle soup. Please remember though don’t doctor up the soup for a sick person, leave it as is, as it’s perfection! 🙂

The buns where very fresh and soft, though I prefer whole wheat, for white buns they were okay. The Oatmeal Raisin cookies were just fantastic, very tasty and soft. All in all an good meal, the soup was enough for about 4 large bowlfuls (maybe 6 bowls, if you have smaller bowls or servings, but we fill ours up here. lol)

Goodness, I am craving those cookies now, I wish I had some more! Thank you so much Spoonful of Comfort for the wonderful “care package” and letting me run a review and giveaway!

The good news? One of you can receive the same package I received in the mail…here are the details:

Open to the US ONLY

you can win:

1 Jar of Chicken Noodle Soup
Half Dozen Fresh Baked Rolls
Half Dozen Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Standard Shipping


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One thought on “Treat That Special Sicky – Spoonful of Comfort Review & Giveaway”

  1. I sent one of these packages (just the soup and the rolls, no cookies) to my nephew and his wife in February when they had their baby and they loved it! For two nights they didn’t have to worry about cooking and they had a nice home-cooked meal. It will now be my go-to new parent gift.

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