Freebie Finds to Share

Hi all, as I got online this Morning, I checked my emails and found some freebies that friends where sharing. So for an odd post this morning I thought I’d share with you as well.

1) Sign up for Sneakpeeq: You will be taken from their site to your Facebook to approve signing up for your free membership through them. If your lucky you will see a free ring. You don’t get to choose color, and, unless I missed something, you don’t get to choose the size. But Free is Free. lol    

I will disclose that this link is mine and you will have the same under the “invite friends” page on their sight. This is what their site says:

“Get 10 friends to join, and you’ll receive a $10 gift badge to use in any of sneakpeeq’s stores! As more friends join through you, you’ll receive additional badges as our thank you for helping us grow.”

The products I saw on their site have wonderful prices and you do automatically get a $10 gift badge as soon as you, the new member, get signed up. 🙂

Here is how I got my free ring (while supplies last).

I went to their site, clicked to sign up. Signed up through the pop up window for Facebook that came up. That pop up didn’t close for me but  when blank after my approval… but I noticed that a “get rewards” button showed up so I closed the pop up and clicked on that rewards link/button. I then shared with friends and clicked peeq for your price and the rings were free, I clicked to “buy”… I entered in the mailing info and it didn’t even ask for shipping. 🙂

After ordering, I received a confirmation email and it stated “you saved 100%” Pretty cool.


Cutex has a new product out for nailpolish remover, I love these samples. Although I am a former Cosmetologist and I once wouldn’t even look out my window or door without hair, skin and nails all perfectly made up, I now get lazy and have gone places as I realized my nail polish is terribly chipped and I forgot (in my rush to get ready to go) to take off my polish. So I love polish remover samples, they are so very handy to have in your purse. I wish I could find samples of mascara & free lip gloss for you too, there are so many nice things to carry in  your purse and not weigh it down. lol

Alas I diverge, go here to “like” Cutex on Facebook and sign up for your free sample.


You may remember my past review of Zevia Soda, the soda made with Stevia… yummy stuff that saves you calories. You can now get a free can of it, become a new fan on their Page:

Ok folks, it seems I have too many tabs open in my browser as I made sure to get all the links correct etc… so my laptop has become terribly slow, for now I need to reboot (besides Windows just updated and so it wants me to reboot anyway).

I will try and share any freebies that I find online with you all… I hope you can use some of these.



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