Want an Icon to show up on your Comments?

Hi there…

Today it occurred to me that a good percentage of you do not have an Icon to show on your comments. So I am posting today to try and solve this problem for those of you that would like to have your picture or a picture to represent you show up on your comments.

The solution for getting an icon to show up for your pictures is fairly simple, and free, you simply need to go to http://en.gravatar.com/

You may also upload multiple images and multiple emails that you can customize your picture(s) for each email. If your uncomfortable with sharing your email, it understandable, I have to say that so far the only email that I have noticed as received from them was the initial email that is sent for you to verify your email address.

As always, use your own judgement as to whether or not you wish to use this free service or not. To be honest, I’ve had my accounts with them for so long that I don’t recall the fine print (their policies) but obviously I felt at ease enough after reading them that I still joined and I hate to do anything that would cause spam to come into my inbox, since I already have so many as each place we run a review or review and giveaway for seems to sign me up for their newsletters I can be so very overwhelmed with emails.

Well, there you go my friends, I hope that this helps a few of you out, and frankly I’d love to see some of the faces behind the comments.


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