Electric Cigarettes – Review and Giveaway

The following is concerning Electronic Cigarettes, so please only read this  and enter the giveaway, if you are of age in your area to buy cigarettes (18+ years in some areas, in others 21+).

Electronic Cigarettes inc LogoI was surprised to hear the benefits of people using the electronic cigarettes, I didn’t realize that you can use them in public with no risk of others having the problems with second hand smoke, all but airplanes I guess currently allow them. Of course this doesn’t take away the risk of an idiot, like me, seeing a lady in the grocery store smoking away and not knowing about their being products like these out there, it took the checkout person to tell me what it was and about them to realize that those are publicly acceptable all over the place. A nice plus for those people who can’t do without their smokes for any period of time.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to try Electric Cigarettes from Electric Cigarettes, Inc. I chose my trial from the options for the Duo Pro Express Starter Kit

Duopro Electronic Cigs Picture of the multi electric cigarettes & "filters" in kit

The package arrived to my front door in a very timely manner, and the kit I received was well cushioned in the shipping box. The shipment was accurate, although the labeling doesn’t seem to show the flavor of the contents, and compared to the picture above, mine was with only one battery (which is the white part) but the filter area that contains the flavor and strength does show the strength.

In the Duo Pro Express Starter Kit, you have a choice of strengths of Nicotine from Extra High (24 mg) to No Nicotine (0 mg) and flavors to choose from for instance Cherry, Chocolate, Tobacco and more. I chose the No Nicotine & Cherry Flavor, and my husband and I are not sure but mine doesn’t taste much like cherry, it’s so light but tastes to us like chocolate, perhaps they have only certain ones that they send out to bloggers so I cannot say what exactly I have here. Although I must admit that the Extra High Nicotine has some fascinating flavors to choose from like Waffle & Strawberry and more… I would have loved to try Strawberry but I didn’t want the Nicotine.

While I tried my choice I found the flavor was light yet a pleasant flavor, not sweet like you’d imagine, and yet enjoyable. When I tested the cigarettes out, I found that I don’t take a big drag on the Electric Cigarettes so I don’t see much of the mist from my “smoking.” Now as for my husband, he enjoyed the flavor and I had a big laugh as I saw the all the mist (that looked like smoke) escape his lips. The end of the Electric Cigarette lights up as it has a LED light and it automatically turns on and shuts off as you take drags off from it. The batteries appear to last a good long while, once fully charged.

Check out Katherine Heigl on the David Letterman smoking and talking about Electronic Cigarettes (below)

All in all, I think that the Electric Cigarettes would be a great way to quit smoking, I would start off with the mg. equivalent to what you would use in the Patches (since the patches have several strengths to choose from, I believe they have 3 strengths) and with each order of refills I would go down one notch in strength so you are slowly cutting out the Nicotine. Sure these are safer then the actual cigarettes but there are still dangers in the Nicotine and it will be cheaper in the long haul if you quit all together.

I have looked over the site for Electric Cigarettes, Inc and I have also seen some other great options, fun flavors, fun colors, ones that you can refill at home (perhaps saving you more money) and accessories for your Electric Cigarettes.

I wish to thank Electronic Cigarettes, Inc. for intrusting me with this review and giveaway, and for their patience as my life has been in turmoil for some time now with all that has been going on with my husband being assaulted. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Now for the Giveaway, you have a chance to win the same kit as what I received, in your choice of Nicotine Strength and Flavor.

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Hi there…

Today it occurred to me that a good percentage of you do not have an Icon to show on your comments. So I am posting today to try and solve this problem for those of you that would like to have your picture or a picture to represent you show up on your comments.

The solution for getting an icon to show up for your pictures is fairly simple, and free, you simply need to go to http://en.gravatar.com/

You may also upload multiple images and multiple emails that you can customize your picture(s) for each email. If your uncomfortable with sharing your email, it understandable, I have to say that so far the only email that I have noticed as received from them was the initial email that is sent for you to verify your email address.

As always, use your own judgement as to whether or not you wish to use this free service or not. To be honest, I’ve had my accounts with them for so long that I don’t recall the fine print (their policies) but obviously I felt at ease enough after reading them that I still joined and I hate to do anything that would cause spam to come into my inbox, since I already have so many as each place we run a review or review and giveaway for seems to sign me up for their newsletters I can be so very overwhelmed with emails.

Well, there you go my friends, I hope that this helps a few of you out, and frankly I’d love to see some of the faces behind the comments.


My Life, The Soap Opera

Hi there everyone, yes she lives… I sincerely apologize for my absence here and my apologies to the company’s and kind folks that have sent me products for reviews and reviews with giveaways.

Please be patient with me as I can only log in and do bits and pieces at a time, and when I do post here, I will be playing catch up when I can get the time do to so.

I suppose your all wondering what’s going on here? Ok here we go.

My husband was the victim of an assault, on his birthday no less, by some man for no reason at all other then my husband being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Basically we are dealing with broken dentures,2 breaks in the jaw, a new alignment of his cheek bone, 2 titanium plates & screws done in emergency reconstructive face surgery and a broken shoulder.

WARNING: Some of  you may find the following disturbing to see, it may also take a little bit more time to load as this contains pictures of swelling & bruising from the attack.


Rick my husband on Christmas Eve 2011
Mariah’s husband before assault, taken Christmas Eve 2011

I am disabled too so this has put a huge strain on me and my blogging as we have constant doctor appointments and phone conferences with the DA’s office (they have caught the guy that did this to him), victims compensation (which hasn’t done a thing to help us as we strive to pay the bills and all this extra shopping, doctors, emergency room, surgeons etc…and keep a roof over our heads).


Rick One day After he was Assaulted
My husband, day one after assault. We spent the night sleeping on the couch so he could sleep as Surgeon suggest on a recliner so that his airways hopefully wouldn’t close up from the swelling.


My husband 2 days after he was assaulted
My husband, day 2 after he was assaulted.


My husband 3 days after he was assaulted
My husband, day 3 after he was assaulted

I apologize as I have not been online much, do to this uncalled for attack by a stranger, and we are still dealing with my husbands bladder cancer at the same time…. my world has turned upside down and I feel as though I am stuck in a soap opera. The brute that did this to my husband is, so far, charged with 2nd degree felony assault and battery and this guy may be going away for 5 years in prison, so we don’t expect that we will get any of the bills paid by him for what he did to my husband either.

My husband 4 days after he was assaulted
my husband, day 4 after assault.

I will try to get to the reviews as soon as I can, as you can imagine I am way behind on everything right now and stressed beyond belief, hoping we can keep our home and not be out of the streets homeless because of this.

I appreciate your patience with me during this traumatic time for my husband and I, thank you so much everyone! Your prayers and good thoughts sent our way is greatly appreciated.