Newman’s Own Chocolates – Review & Giveaway

Hi there friends, oh I tell you I’ve been in heaven with this Review and Giveaway. Newman’s Own Organics makes delicious Chocolates, what a treat to try them! I tell you I can’t believe all the varieties they have of chocolate!

My husband partnered with me in this delightful chocolate adventure, yes he’s as bad a chocoholic as I am and I couldn’t leave him out! 🙂

I don’t know what to say about these chocolates, as I find myself speechless or since this is being typed, should I say “Typeless”? Ok, so no such word probably… but hey, nothing wrong with a Riah-ism is there? lol

I have to say that the chocolates (all of them) don’t have the taste/sensation of being waxy as a few brands out there made by big well known companies. I’ve enjoyed there chocolate cups, this season I think I may have to stock up on the peppermint cups, how unusual and delightful! And my favorite flavors where the orange chocolate, mocha, and most of all the espresso dark chocolates & talk about the Antioxidants… nummy and good for you!  My husband enjoyed the same ones as I do and is very partial to the peanut butter cups, especially in the dark chocolate. Oh and have you tried the caramel chocolate cups? I like the milk chocolate caramel as well as the dark chocolate filled cups, can anyone ever go wrong with caramel? Not in my opinion.

We love love dark chocolate and the health benefits of dark chocolate, most articles about dark chocolate tell you about the % of cocoa and with Newman’s Own you can see it on the candy bar labels which is just super!

Well my friends at least I found a few things to say, about my experience as I sit here with fingers and mouth coated in chocolaty bliss… ok ok I lied, I have been eating it for some time now, and today’s “dose” well, I ate it earlier and haven’t quite gotten to the point of coating my fingers and surrounding my lips with it, but hey.

Now for some great facts, Newman’s Own are Organic, yup Organic Cocoa Beans and all! How could you go wrong? As always Newman’s Own is Organic and tasty! Here is some information that I’ve gotten at their site:

The chocolate bars will be available in two sizes: 3.25-ounce and 2.25-ounce, in the following flavors:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Super Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa – NEW!
  • Mocha Milk Chocolate – NEW!
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Espresso Dark Chocolate
  • Orange Dark Chocolate

Their products Have the USDA Organic Seal and The Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal (as indicated on there site):

The USDA Organic Seal assures that at least 95% of the ingredients are organically certified.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal guarantees that the cocoa in our Signature Series was grown on farms that meet comprehensive standards for sustainable farming, protecting soil, waterways and wildlife habitat as well as the rights and welfare of workers, their families and communities.

Well friends it’s time to enter to win an assortment of Newman’s Own Chocolate Delights… You will not be disappointed! Oh US only Entries Please.

But first, just to add to your anticipation, lets give a big THANK YOU to Newman’s Own for the Chocolate giveaway! Thank you from me as well Newman’s Own, what a great joy this was trying your delicious chocolate.

Okay without further delay…come on enter to win, what are you waiting for??? Oh yup, delirious from all the chocolate, that’s me… ok, I will hush up and let you get on with it! 🙂 (more…)

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