Jump Beverages – Sugar Free, Fat Free, Carb Free & Giving Back to Those that keep America Free!

Written by: Riah
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Ok, so a large title… but I am proud to introduce you to a wonderful beverage company and to have had the drinks to review for you. Jump Beverages is helping support Operation Homefront with every purchase of their Recon and Sentinel Beverages! My husband being a former Marine Recon, just so happens to believe firmly that the Recon Coffee Energy Cola was made just for him and he’s hooked on it. Every time I’d reach in the fridge for a sample, hubby would ask that I grab his “name sake” for him.

I can’t tell you how very delicious these drinks are and they are made right here in Colorado, I love to support any Colorado company in my reviews and my giveaways, especially when they are so very patriotic! On the phone with Jump Beverages we had a little meeting over the phone, and I actually got asked to thank my husband for his service to our country! I must admit that having like 3 voices thanking him choked me up with tears of pride and excitement that I was going to tell my husband that he was thanked for his service, although I know it embarrasses him. 🙂

Jump Beverages - 3 of their flavors in cans

The flavors that I got in my variety sample case were, Recon (a coffee flavor with vanilla), Hot (raspberry flavor) and Sentinel (very unique citrus flavor). I tell you these energy drinks are tasty and truly unique, when you taste them it’s very hard to believe that they don’t have sugar in them and they contain healthy ingredients with vitamins and minerals. The caffeine content is equal to a 12 oz cup of coffee so it’s not overly done, the rest of the energy comes from the B6 -B12 Vitamins.

I cannot believe this company is not nationwide as I am so impressed with how unique they are, no junk in the drink, healthy and best of all they Taste Good! I don’t think you will find anything like this out there on the market, I am so totally impressed… and I love the fact that I don’t need to shake them up, that they are all soda pops and that they are not syrupy like so many energy drinks out there are! Yuck I hate syrupy drinks and trying to cut down on sugars in our household, this is just the ticket.

I can’t stop raving about the drinks… nothing like waking up and needing to run out the door with no time for a cup of coffee, instead I have reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a Jump Beverage for myself to run out the door with. What flavor do I grab? Well I like them all, so it depends upon the mood and if I even have time to look or decide before walking out the door… the Raspberry is refreshing and Fruity, so is the Sentinel it’s extremely refreshing with that citrusy flavor tangerine in the background of it, and of course the Coffee with vanilla flavor in the Recon. I can’t choose just one, they are all so go, I have to say the Recon though, is so very interesting, a coffee cola with a hint of vanilla! yummy…A nice Glass of Recon by Jump Beverages

I have been typing enough about this that I had to go get out some Sentinel to drink while doing this post!

I have two recipes I created for Jump Beverages that I want to share with you:
(Tip, you can use sugar free and fat free ice cream with these) 

Riah’s Recon Ice Cream Float:
1 Can of Jump Beverages Recon Vanilla Coffee Cola
1 or 2 scoops of ice cream (I used Vanilla, but it would be great with coffee ice cream!)
pour in the Recon to within 2 inches of top of glass
if it doesn’t foam over slowly add more Recon
serve with a straw and a spoon

Riah’s Hot Raspberry Old Fashioned Soda:
1Can of Jump Beverages Hot Raspberry Flavored
1 small bit of ice cream to mix into about 1 inch of Hot in the bottom of your glass
fill glass with Hot to about 1 inch from top of glass
place a scoop of ice cream on top (or how about raspberry sherbet or rasp. ice cream, I used vanilla)
top with whipped cream and a cherry if you wish
serve with a spoon and a straw

You can order their beverages online and if you’re lucky and you live in the Colorado Front Range, you can pick them up locally. Ask for them at your local store if they are not found on their locations page…they have some in areas of Texas and New Mexico too. I feel sorry for the poor folks that cannot pick these up at their local stores, I am fortunate enough to live in Colorado where I can readily find some Jump Beverages in stores in my area!

3 Jump Beverage Flavors & Mariah's Glass of Sentinel

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