GlassDharma Win a Gift Certificate and Go Green with Reusable Straws

Written by: Riah

I would like to introduce you to GlassDharma the Reusable Glass Straws. I love the idea of less plastics being used in my home, and not adding to the over abundance of plastics in our dumps. I received a nice pack of samples in a variety pack from them to test out.

The Staws came nicely boxed up in a sturdy little box and each straw in their own little box inside it, plainly marked so you know which one they were. And each little box displays the fact that these straws have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BREAKAGE! Isn’t that great? To read more about this check out this post.  I received a nice variety of 4 straws. 2 different ones came with the brushes, others did not however.

At first look, they are beautiful glass straws in great shapes and sizes…I felt them and the glass is nice and smooth, no rough edges and the glass looks and feels nice and strong/sturdy. On first test I had already found out that there is a great benefit to the Glass Dharma straws, they don’t float in my cola can like plastic straws do! I like to use straws when drinking cola because I recently whitened my teeth and I’ve heard that it helps keep your teeth white when you use a straw! The feel of the glass straws up against your lips are cool and refreshing in a cold drink on a hot day. I have a favorite straw already and it has a slight bend in it and I actually like the tiny straw that they sent me too… great in my coffee! Now I can drink my coffee and not worry as much about ruining my newly whitened teeth as much. 

Luckily 2 of my straws did came with cleaning brushes (not all do) and one was for a smaller straw, like I got and the other for larger which I also have in my little package to test out. The straws and I can clean them in the dishwasher too! 🙂

I really don’t know what else to say here, just to sum everything up. Using glass straws would be less plastic waste to dispose of and that is a very good thing as plastics will probably last well beyond when we are gone in landfills and in the ocean as I’ve seen on TV shows.  I love the feel of the glass against my lips in hot and cold drinks. The GlassDharma Straws clean easily in the dishwasher I simply use my old mesh from onion bags for small items like this in the dishwasher, I place it in an area of the silverware tray in the dishwasher and place the items in it close it up and I don’t use heat to dry the dishes. All in all the brilliant idea of no disposable straws like GlassDharma has me just as impressed as when I first saw their site, I love them! 🙂 And to add to that the Lifetime Guarantee against breakage makes these the superstar of straws to me!

To Read up on GlassDharma here are a couple of links:

Why glass is better
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