Jewelry, Artistic, Vintage And Takes Riah’s Breath Away

Written by: Riah

Riah here, I am so very excited to share this with you all my friends!
While looking through Etsy Shops I discovered some beautiful jewelry and I later met a lovely lady as a result. I would love to introduce you to her, her name is Natally and her shop is Jewelry. I am so glad that I stumbled upon her while looking around at peoples shops, this lady is a true artist with her jewelry and a lovely person. 

I want you to get to know Natally a little so you will know some about the Artist behind the breathtakingly beautiful jewelry. I asked Natally for information about herself, where she’s from and so on here is her reply:

“My name is Natally. I was born in Europe, Lithuania country. This is a small country near Baltic sea. Lithuania is a beautiful country, here lives almost 3 millions peoples. I live in Lithuania capital – Vilnius, this is very green city, which has unique history, beautiful architectural heritage. Here lives many talented artists and interesting people. I love my country very much, so I could speak about it a lot of things. But there are more beautiful things which I like too. Of course jewelry first. :)”

I also asked Natally how she got started in her art of making Jewelry, here is her reply:

“I started create my jewelry when I was 10 years old and I still love it. Though my occupation is more relate with the international communications, I’m creating my jewelry with love and joy, as I have many ideas, which I’m expressing with colors, forms and feelings.”

“As I remember I was always interested in the arts. Since I was a child and it still continues now, when I have my own family. As my mother is an artist, everything I know about art, I learned from her. Since my first days in this world I grow up with arts.”

Natally is so rounded that she has such a variety of interests, no wonder she’s such a joy to talk to:

“I like many other things, to make gifts for people, to watch the sunrises, I like summer warm rains, I like animals and especially my cat:), I like to watch my little daughter playing with her toys. I like to paint, and photography also. I like flowers, and I like to write something lyrical – song, or verse. 5 years ago my first book was published. I also like to travel. And I like people, I enjoy watching how they are all different with their conventionalities, folklore and arts.”

“But jewelry creating is something magical for me, so I’m creating with all my love from all my heart.” ~Natally

Friends, I have to tell you all, her love from her heart really shows in your work! It’s obvious that she takes pride in her work and has a real gift with her lovely creations! I feel very lucky to have met this artist and talked to her at some length on Etsy and gotten to know her as a person and an artist! Her background is strong and a very familiar story to yours truly, as my parents too were artists and although I was born with clay under my nails and a paintbrush in my hand. *smile* 
Now that you know some about the person behind the jewelry, you must know some about her jewelry, after all that is what I am here to do, to review her jewelry.

Red Coral Alice Necklace
Natally’s sent me a beautiful piece of jewelry, it’s a lovely Red Coral “Alice” Necklace, the metal on it is not cheap, it’s beautiful Brass, sturdy and stunningly antiqued. This necklace is so beautiful, just like all her jewerly… looking around her site you can tell that she loves the vintage styles! Vintage styles are so very popular right now!

Having worked in jewelry making a little as my Mother has been teaching me the art (so that it’s passed on), I am very impressed with Natally’s work! I examined my necklace and I have to say, I haven’t seen such perfection in handmade jewelry like she has in hers. Natally’s links in her necklaces are absolutely perfect! I even showed her necklace to my Mother who has been trying to perfect her links in her homemade jewelry my Mother was simply amazed and she, just like I, wish we lived closer to Natally, she could teach us a thing or two!

My necklace is a so breathtaking that I will admit that I cried when I received such a generous, beautiful piece of jewelry to review… I felt like my Victorian jewelry dreams all just came true! When I wear this necklace I receive complements and have to start carrying Natally’s information around with me as so many want to have one or something like it!

The necklace is comfortable to wear, not heavy, it’s smooth with no rough edges… absolutely the most glamorous and beautiful piece of jewelry I own. Thank you so much Natally, for entrusting me in doing a review of your jewelry and the lovely necklace that I shall treasure forever!

Please come on over and take a look at more of Natally’s work you can see her jewelry at these links and while your there, would you please leave a note and tell her that Riah from Joan & Riah’s Reviews sent you? Thank you!:
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