Silk for Milk – Riah and The 10-Day Challenge – Review and Giveaway

I have to say that I have drank the Silk Soy Milk a lot in the past, but for a while now I have been getting milk from the local dairy delivered to our home and I hadn’t been shopping for my old favorite drink. I was contacted by Silk and asked to do their Silk for Milk 10-Day Challenge, I jumped at the chance to switch myself back. Little did I know that when I went to the store I would have so many choices to make, so many that my husband wondered off on me! Lol Ok, so for this one time I suddenly turned indecisive and bored the poor man. I saw everything from Silk light (which was something I hadn’t tried before) to Silk Almond which I too had not tried in the past. Well here is my chance as I go through the challenge I thought to myself. I will be one Silk light in Vanilla and one Silk Dark Chocolate Pure Almond to try out.

The first one I opened was the Silk Dark Chocolate Pure Almond, 50% more calcium per serving then milk was on the label. And I poured myself a glass of this chocolaty goodness, oh the taste is not too sweet and has a hint of Almond in the flavor. I passed the glass to the real chocolate milk drinker in the house, my husband and his eyes lite up… really! And I just cannot drink premade chocolate milk from ANYWHERE as it’s too sweet and even at 1 % milk I find it gunks up the back of my throat with way too much creaminess, as well as far to chocolatey. Yes you heard the chocolate lover here right, too chocolatey when it comes to store or dairy bought chocolate milk, so much so that if I want some I have to mix half that chocolate milk with regular 1% milk! Now the Silk Dark Chocolate Pure Almond is perfect for me, perfection! As a matter of fact I am drinking my coffee right now with this added to it for flavoring, so much better then milk.

The next thing I did was open up my Silk Light in Vanilla flavor, I love the lightness of the flavor of this Soy milk and the vanilla is an excellent touch, dare I say I think I like this more then the full flavor Silk Soy Milk? I do, and my husband who is a big time milk drinker, now claims he’s always likes Silk Soy Milk… yeah right, the wife really knows the truth. Lol This has sold him on Silk too, of course I didn’t mention to him that this was the light Silk and now he too is drinking Soy Milk as a result.
I love the vanilla flavor with some cookies, I drank some and found that anything with chocolate in the cookie is really highlighted with the vanilla in the Silk Light Soy Milk. Now catch this, I even snuck a little into our homemade ice-milk ice cream mix and he didn’t know the difference! Lol I love this on my cereal the vanilla adds a nice touch to the good for your cereals that don’t have much flavor, I have placed this in my smoothies and replaced milk in homemade bread with this as well! Amazing that I got away with introducing this into our foods without anyone being all the wiser to it. Of course it was noticeable in my cereal but that was the desirable affect.

These links (below) were supplied to me by Silk, so you can see the different ways of switching Silk into your diet:
What I have listed below are three links to various examples of how you could swap to Silk from milk on a daily basis. You could also create your own challenge with your particular product on a day or two with something that works in your daily routine of then switching to Silk from milk.

You can also find more information about various Silk products below. These product specific sites also have recipes.
Silk Pure Almond:
Silk Pure Coconut:
Simply Silk:

The above, I just had to steal from The Silk Channel on YouTube, plenty of fun videos on their channel… I had some serious laughs.

Upon finishing my challenge I must say that I now once again prefer Silk to Milk anyday and with so many products now to choose from, I must say that I will not get bored too easily. I invite you my friends to give this challenge a try for yourself and see if you feel like I do about Silk as a replacement for milk. I must say that I know what the health benefits were always said to be in articles that I’ve read in the past and I feel great about making the change. I will still use milk from time to time, but I plan to always keep some Silk around for recipes and for chocolatey with a hint of almond goodness in my coffee and at other times when I want to be really really good on my diet I will keep the Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk for coffee too, believe me both are great in my morning coffee! If your like me you will enjoy this great start to your day and the additional flavoring to your coffee.

Two more links provided to me by the folks at silk that you may also be interested in:
– Silk Product Locator:
– Silk Coupon Link:
Silk is being kind enough to offer 2 of you readers a giveaway, now this is going to be a fast ending giveaway here, we are at the tail end of their Campaign for the Silk-for-Milk Challenge, so get your entries in here. Here is what you will win, if your randomly picked as one of our two winners: two winners would each get a Silk Coupon and a Silk ChicoBag. This giveaway is for the US Only.
Go for it folks, the rules are as follows:
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1 ENTRY – Visit the Switch to Silk Website or see the examples of how you can swap silk for milk in your routine (in the review above) and tell me, please, what part of your daily routine you would switch to silk from those times that you’d been drinking or using milk.

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