Very Slow Go here…

Not much time for the Sewing, Arts and Crafts etc. It’s been an adventure here at home, with the new house, a new Doctor (as you may or may not know, my health isn’t good)etc. Mr. Peanut who is in most all my pictures here, now has a new 1 year old puppy brother, they have become the best of buddies, so soon you may see the new puppy in my pictures here as well as Mr. Peanut, since for some reason they both seem to always be at my side… poor hubby was jealous of me and Mr Peanut… but he gets more time with the dogs now as when I am busy they are cuddling him instead of me.

Well back to juggling house, home (thought we burst a pipe lastnight as I awoke to a flooded kitchen floor)… come to find out the drain was plugged in the kitchen sink and the slow dribble went from their into the dishwasher then the floor! Amen, thank you God… for a new house with no insulation in the crawl space (and not hitting the lowest of lows that it will hit tonight 20 below zero tonight and it was -14 last night)God must have been looking out for us!

oh yeah… did you see my main blog or my other blogs? Did I forget to say I Ramble? Ok…

Luv & hugs and maybe this New Year be a great one!

Beauty Blogger Up N Coming etc

So, this ex-Cosmetologist has received some fun Zoya Polishes, a nice new Flat Iron and used some Ion Hair Color. Those along with some odds and ends, will be added to my blog as time, home and health allow.

Currently things have been slow all the way around as I juggle health problems, the problems with moving into a new house, house breaking a new puppy as wall as taking all my old and new Blogs and joining them… the names may change but basically, I am still the same old silly fool as I’ve always been, so you can count on some ebb and flow here as things allow.

Until such a time as I write, take care of yourselves, keep warm and may this New Year bring you Health, Happiness and Love.