Cosmetic (Stila) Giveaway Found Online!

I continue to have a passion for beauty and all things thrifty including giveaways and I’ve found some might great things out there as of late. Time and health hasn’t allowed me to do much right now but I do plan on posting some new pictures and reviews of the latest and greatest beauty products that I’ve tried.

In the mean time while I am trying to figure out how to combine all my blogs into one and categorize them all, I thought I would post some wonderful links to giveaways that I’ve found.

I just located this giveaway for Stila Cosmetics! Yeah, you know I love em… and quite frankly you are lucky I decided to enter and share with you… cause I really want to win and it’s a requirement that I blog about this. lol Greedy me would love to have the only entries into this puppy!!! Yup, really… honestly, don’t enter… ok ok, if you enter because of my post here and you win… just let me know and then I will know who to be totally jealous of, okay? *wink*

The Stila giveaway is for: Trendsetting in Tokyo Palette, a Smudge Pot, and Long Wear lip color
Enter the Contest here:
And good luck to you… nope, I don’t really mean that… good luck to me! 😛 lol

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