Make animated cartoons

Creating animated movies used to take a lot of work. Each frame had to be painstakingly drawn and colored. It certainly wasn’t a job for one person!
Technology has made it easier to create animations. Software like Adobe’s Flash greatly simplifies the process. Still, a lot of work goes into creating Flash animations.
That doesn’t mean you can’t create fast, fun animated movies, though. GoAnimate has the tools you need to create animated shorts. You don’t even need to know how to draw!
Once you register for a free GoAnimate account, you’re ready to start. Begin by setting the scene. There are lots of backdrops from which to choose.
Then, add characters. Again, there are many from which to choose. Next come effects and props. Finally, add music or dialog.
You’ll have a lot of fun with GoAnimate. And I’m sure you’ll want to share your creations. GoAnimate makes that easy-you can even embed your animations in your Web site!