Waiting on Pins and Needles

Yup, I did it, I auditioned for a part in Firefly, this one is going to be a voice series called “Firefly Between the Lines”. Hopefully I did ok, I auditioned for Kaylee… the gal engineer.

I was so upset when a favorite TV Series (by Joss Whedon, my favorite writer… gotta love Whedon-isms) called “Firefly”, was canceled after only one season. At least they made a move “Serenity” a while back with the same characters. Even my parents (who newly discovered the DVD’s I gave them a few years back) are having a fit, loving the show and wondering what they were thinking when it was canceled.

I hope that I at least get a little part in this fan based iTunes series, this would still be work but fun and most enjoyable… plus at my one FB account, having almost 300 followers, I can imagine how many people would share the fun with me by listening.

For more information and watch for announcements: http://fireflybetweenthelines.com/

cross your fingers, say a prayer… I shall update information here once I know, if I know more. 🙂

Luv & (((hugs)))

2 thoughts on “Waiting on Pins and Needles”

  1. Mary, I loved hearing from you, it’s been a bear of a morning here and your comment just made my day. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a note here for me.

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