Trying to combine my old Blogs with new… stay tuned

I will be attempting something here… combining my old blogs with the new. My health is making it hard to think and worse yet this chronic pain is exaggerating my ADD!

As always I digress… sorry.

Why do I have two blogger accounts?
I lost my password etc when the Blogger (from way back when) moved on over to google based and it took a while to regain my account. So I started a new one as Riah instead of my nick “babydol” and I have been attempting to combine the two accounts. Thus far all I’ve done is began setting up the blogs so I can access and post from either accounts.

I need to do a lot of research to do this, if there is a way, other then my sharing my accounts so I can sign in as either nick and post… maybe with my new doctor I will get more help with my health and thus I shall be able to concentrate for the first time in AGES!

I have not forgotten that I am not alone in chronic pain and chronic illness out there, I hope to get this blog going to share with others and hopefully others will join in.

Luv & hugs

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