Caution when filling out information online.

We are all concerned about our privacy and security right now… I know this sounds like an Ad but it’s not, it’s my rambling about my concern after seeing a site online that gives away our information and it’s surprising how much they give away first, before they send you off to make you buy more information.

Anyway if you too are passionate about your privacy, please go read my main blog post… please be patient I do ramble, but I will lead you to the site and how to delete your info etc. I hope that this will help someone else out there…

Luv & hugs,

Caution, your Privacy & Security is at Risk! (I may ramble, but read on)

What do you think about those information collecting and viewing sites that dig up all they can on you? Bad even if it is “public records”, our public records are getting easier and easier for people to get. No more leg work as they are gathered up in one tidy little package online for a fee. Well, I found one such site that really bothers me… you can look up someone by their “Name”, “Email”, “Username”, “Phone” and “Friends” and find all sorts of things gathered about who they are, not only where they live but (of course) a map and a street view of their house, approximate value of the house, income, age, relationships and pictures of you! I stumbled upon a site that does just this and some of the info they gathered you don’t even have to pay see as it shows up right on their site… names are not the only way to search (as you can see on the tabs at the top of the page… . The site I am concerned with right now is Spokeo, it does lead to a main site, of which I’ve seen previously, but Spokeo is by far the worst that I have seen so far(and probably as a result will be the best sales site for this.) why the worst? Because it’s sharing a lot before they even send you to the place selling the information.

Again these are all public records, but I am not happy with what I saw on Spokeo ( It’s not pleasant to see a picture of the places you’ve lived in just after a few free clicks of the mouse, luckily the info on my new address isn’t in their database as of yet. *knock on Veneer*

You may want to use a fake email address that you can burn (I used yahoo and burned through 2 emails) you can only delete so much per email address “to prevent abuse” they say and then it must be by IP because you then get “In order to prevent abuse, we must limit the frequency of privacy requests. Please try again tomorrow.”Oh and for anyone with .gov addresses, your special… this is what is says each time it says you used the same email or your IP too much to delete your info: Government officials please use your email address for priority processing.

I got ahead of myself here (A.D.D. much Riah?)… but that’s ok, you will want to create the email address your wish to burn (never use again first). 🙂 Now to delete your info, find the listings for yourself and one at a time copy the url to that listing, click on “Privacy” (at the bottom of the page) and fill out the form (I recommend using that email address that you will “burn”) then they will send you an email in which you need to click a link to verify and have the info finally deleted. It’s really not that hard to do. And if you got married or had a name change of any sort (I don’t wanna know about the any sort…lol) remember to look up that name well you are at it.

Is it obvious yet that I hate these info gathering places? These “public records” are still a privacy concern yet even more concerning is the fact that strangers can look up info now with just your alias/nickname/username and get your information that way. Of course what is under you alias is only what has been gathered either in the open (in memberships, forums or your profiles, for instance) or what has been sold to them by the sources that gather your info from perhaps fake sweepstakes/Contest or fake freebies etc or??? BTW: I found a friends picture using their last name as alias, no biggie, but I still notified them of it.

You know those “sweethearts” that show your terrible pictures in MySpace or Facebook? Of course if they label it (tag it) with your name or nickname/alias that may show up to. Just thought I would throw that in. lol

For future reference, please remember my friends (ok, most of you are strangers, but what the hey), be cautious what you put out there about yourself and where you place your personal information in forms online (read their privacy & make sure they are a reputable company… big companies or official brand name sites, magazines etc, are easily presumed safe, but skim that privacy area anyway, you never know).

So off you go *slap on the behind* go now and do what you wish with this info…
Luv & Hugs,
what are you doing still reading this??? Get your butt in gear and get on getting on…

Blemishes and Toothpaste… the ins and outs

Here I sit, sick and tired of hearing “use toothpaste on your blemishes” etc etc… yes I used to say that too and it used to work like a charm, still does… BUT!

Here is the But, now you have to watch out for tartar control toothpaste. As a former cosmetologist, I noticed I was breaking out from something. And so I looked at my personal hygiene. Ok so, checklist nothing changed in my routine: not my cleanser, not my toner, moisturizer, not my makeup (and it wasn’t due to be tossed out) and my diet hadn’t changed either. The only thing in my personal hygiene routine that changed was my toothpaste, yup, just so typical of me… I had to get the latest and greatest so I went for the new Tarter Control Toothpaste! Yes it was my toothpaste causing my breakouts and worse yet I hadn’t broke out in a long time, and I used my toothpaste (as I used to do) applied it to the breakouts which made it worse…. wait…what? Yuppers, I admit it!

I read some writing (after quite some online research) by a Dermatologist that read that he/she had a warning to others about tartar control toothpaste causing blemishes around the mouth! Yup sure enough, I may actually be smarter then the average bear having used  the toothpaste, realizing I was seeing a trend and analyzing the cause of the bothersome breakout.

Anyway I am sick and tired of reading where people recommend toothpaste for breakouts… I don’t know if any of them are like this former Cosmetologist and tried before they write and recommend things or I bet they wouldn’t even recommend many of the things they do.

I will recommend that if you can find a plain old fashioned toothpaste (original formula Crest, if it’s out there… no tartar control, and in Paste form) it still should help some people with thier breakouts, others may find it doesn’t work or they have problems with it… so when you try it on a blemish please only one at first until you know what your skin and body chemistry will do with it… or better yet use it as a chemical die and do a “predisposition test” basically put a small amount of the toothpaste inside your arm at the bend (the other side of your elbow) or behind your ear (but I find that very very irritating if I react to hair dye or anything, so I recommend the inside of the elbow)and leave it there (even a band-aid over it is fine) for 24 hours and see if you reacted before you use it on an obvious place like your face or worse yet on the tip of your nose. If you react don’t use it, if you don’t react to this in 24 hours then give it a try but only on one zit (since the face could react different then the skin on your arm) and see how it works. 🙂

Well folks I vented, you poor suckers read it… and at least I’ve eased my mind having corrected some of these posts online in comments and some in emails to the author… but now I put my 2 cents in on my blog. I just can’t keep up with people spreading some not so good beauty tips out there… but I try!

Good luck! And please remember to beware & research some of the “unusual” treatments out there… don’t believe that everything you read has all the information that you may need for these treatments work properly.

Luv & hugs

Ooops after thought, if you use tartar control toothpaste, like i do and I refuse to give it up… just make sure to wash really well around your mouth and rinse around your mouth well right after brushing!  <3

Apologizing for the Rambling being worse they usual…

*sigh* Yes it’s been a terrible time here as of late. Between having hubby home 24/7 with his being disabled now too, to my pain levels and house breaking a new puppy.

I really apologize as I am embarrassed by my total lack of taking time with my recent posts… I just am not doing well and it is so painful to type and I know myself and if I decided to edit, I would take all day on one paragraph brushing it up. lol like a piece of my artwork I need to know when to say things are finished and it’s hard to do. lol I really do however need to win Dragon Naturally speaking, I have the very first edition of it and loved it once, though it didn’t work the best I need it and it would help with the clumsy hands, cramping and the carpel tunnel I was told I had about 15 years ago and we were always too broke to have taken care of.

We travel

Anyway an apology for my rambling has turned into rambling…

Samsung Vibrant: Backing up your contacts to your Google Account

Not sure if this will help anyone else (CAUTION, I am NOT an expert, this is just something that worked for me on my Samsung Vibrant, it may not work for you)… but I did find one backup that was very important to someone like me that has a lot of problems typing too much. Instead of going to google and typing in all your contact information and using that to send to your phone, you can do this procedure and you will be backing up all your contact info already on your phone to google. YAY!

On the bottom of your screen select contacts, select menu, then more, and select import/export select export to your SD Card, confirm.
Your contact info will be saved to a file at this point. When the export has finished, tap menu, more, tap import/export, select import from your SD Card, you will be asked where to import to, choose Gmail.
I then imported to my phone again… mistake now I have more duplicates, but at least I now have some google pictures on my phone that some of my contacts put up. lol

Well maybe this will help someone out there. 🙂 I am still seeking info on anything else I need to do to back up… looks like they are recommending that we do a “factory reset” for this update:
(taken from the t-mobile community):Position on Factory Reset

While T-Mobile has tried to make the upgrade simple by saving as much of your 2.1 configuration and data as possible, this is also the cause of a lot of problems. A better approach is to back up everything you want to save and then perform a Factory Reset. While I don’t typically recommend a factory reset, I think that it will prevent a lot of issues that can come up with moving from one version of an operations system (version 2.1) to another version (or version 2.2).

Luv & hugs