So What’s new?

Well, I am far behind on EVERYTHING… we moved last month with only 2 weeks notice on an earlier closing date on our house. We were anxious to get out of our apartment and packed/moved as fast as two disabled people possibly could. Hubby and I both struggle with Chronic pain, so you can imagine the nightmare when suddenly all the people that said they would help disappeared.

I am actually just beginning to recuperate from the move, I still have a ton of unpacking to do, organizing, sorting and about 1/3 of our storage unit yet to move out. Amazing how something so very simple to others can really take a toll on your health with chronic pain… not only has the pain made typing hard to do, but thinking, cooking, cleaning etc has become an impossible chore for now. I cannot wait to get settled in!

Anyway, I will try and get going on my blogs again soon with some interesting (at least I hope they will be) topics.

I send my love and hugs out into the great world of the Internet, if someone stumbles upon this by a freak accident, feel free just to say hi. 🙂