Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Christmas Recipes

Oh my goodness!!! I am drooling… we tivo’d this show and now I want to bake and cook up these recipes, to bad it’s a bit late for Christmas.

Gordon Ramsay is so wonderful, I want him at my home for the holidays!!! lol


2 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Christmas Recipes”

  1. Forget Gordon’s recipes. I could eat him up LOL! I enjoy him. I am married to a Brit! 3rd marriage and first hub also a Brit. Hummmmm I see a trend!
    I like Fish N Chips!

  2. lol, love the accents, makes me weak in the knees! And Gordon, just adore him and love Hells Kitchen as well as his other shows. Wish I had money I would love to eat at one of his restaurants.

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