Confused Riah, I am lost on how to improve my singing online Karaoke

Looking for Free or ultra cheap Software for singing karaoke online… I am jealous of all those singers at the Karaoke sites that have that echo in the background. Ok, so I don’t know how to search for what I want or what terms I need to use to find what I want, but the link below is my latest attempt.
sing tune echo downloads – Free software downloads and software reviews – CNET
I don’t know what other features people use to sound so great while doing a live recording online at these Karaoke sites, but I bet that some of them spend a lot of money at it…. ah someday…. someday perhaps………

A Video on UFO’s, Aliens and my thoughts (before watching)

My Husband, “The Cantankerous One”, sent this to me… I thought I would share this UFO online Video for you to watch. You meaning, either myself or the one or two poor unfortunate souls that stumble upon my blog. Warning either you need about an hour to watch this or you may want to bookmark it or better yet my blog to come back and view it later. It’s supposed to be about UFO’s and Aliens. Now let me say upfront, as I am sure we all know, some people are nuts over these topics and go overboard and/or try to fool people when it comes to this subject… my Hubbys computer is in another area of our little apartment and as I was going into the kitchen to prepare my Oatmeal for breakfast this morning I faced toward his computer and saw the part of this video where it shows “scars in the form of circle patterns in skin” where supposedly the Aliens removed skin, well one of the “circle pattern scars” was in a bunch of dots in a strange pattern… I broke out in laughter! Well anyway, this still might be worth watching, but I am really not sure how much credence can we give this video after I saw a short sampling of it.

Ok without further ado here is the video:
The Day Before Disclosure -The Day before disclosure, now free to watch!