Ooopsies, Sewing, Patterns, old tshirts and other Rambles.

So sorry this blog isn’t looking the best right now, I messed with all the background colors and am having a rough time figuring how to edit old posts so that the color of the background (just behind the text) is transparent. The rest of the colors I have messed with are looking good though… nice base colors, thus far, for a start. 
Forgive the growing pains here, we hope to talk sewing, darning and such soon… between my pain levels (my Fibromyalgia, Systemic Lupus (SLE), my cervical spine (major problems), AND house hunting, I have been slow going at this. Hopefully I will be in my own house in the next month or two and the sewing/craft room will be my sanctuary once more. 
Some good news, about a month ago I bought some new patterns, some fun, some Renaissance Style Costumes for myself, some Unisex Pajama Patterns and some nighties… oh and one really fun looking pair of “wrap around” like pants in a pattern. Every sewing pattern bought is made for comfort since my husband and I are both disabled and so home comfort is of utmost importance… well still a bit of style thrown in so we can answer our door or walk the dog without needing to change or cover up. 
I plan to work on some tshirts that are lost causes, stain wise, and decorate them and document the different things I do to them here. 
here is a sample of what I have done with some old tshirts, this is my homemade invention… a stringy rag rug for my bathroom:
Mr. Peanut, my long haired dapple dachshund is ever at my side, here  he is laying on my homemade invention, a stringy tshirt rag rug.
So the above isn’t quite sewing, more crafting, but I just needed to post for some silly rambling reasons, that I am sure no one wants to hear. 
Ok enough distractions have happened since I started to write this, so I really must go.

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