Good Afternoon!

It’s been a week or so now since I built this blog and I am so happy to see that I have had a few visitors. Thank you so much for stopping by.

   I just added a QR Code to my Blog so that it can be easily accessed via smart phones, I found the instructions here:
Sample QR Code
    What is a QR Code? The QR Code is a little strange black and white square with the squigglys,(see my sample picture above). Some sites online (and even some store bought products) are using this so you can easily visit their websites without typing in a long URL.
   How to use this QR Code: 
  1. First, you need a smart phone with Internet access. 
  2. Next you will need an application to read the code. I just bought a Samsung Vibrant (Currently a BOGO at T-Mobile, what a fantastic deal on these smart phones by the way) and I downloaded a “bar code” reading app, that works for Android based phones. The one I grabbed is called “BarcodeS” , it was free in the “Marketplace” (probably T-Mobile Marketplace) and it not only reads bar codes (and checks online for best prices) but it reads QR Codes as well.  There are many more applications, I am sure that will read this, I just named the one from personal experience. ANYHOW (now you see why I have a Blog called Riah Rambles)
  3. And finally all you need to do is use your Application by aiming your camera at the QR Code… wait a moment as it reads it and Wolla, you should be able to go to the very page you were viewing on your Computer or in a pamphlet or on packaging etc… Nice and easy huh? Yup it’s that easy!
Now I must go onto my other Blogs to add the html code in for the QR Codes…wish me luck, it’s a painful day and I am a bit distracted with my terrible pain level right now. 
<3, hugs and kisses!

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