Welcome Again to my Sewing Blog

I am working on making this little place a home away from home for myself and I hope you can make a visit to this now and then. I hope to start up my other blogs on Frugal living, crafting and Beauty… I will be spending time in each blog as time allows. Hopefully I will find a way to link these all together and have one main Blog to house them… I am at a loss as to names etc. It doesn’t help that I am terrible at Organization.

I hope to show you a few tips and tricks I learned along the way with Sewing, mending and yes Darning as well. For now I will share some links to my favorite places more then anything, this is because of a recent move and my current house hunting situation. I did not fully unpack from the move from one moldy apartment into another apartment (same complex),  because of our house hunting, so finding things with the former (sudden and unorganized) move is very difficult.

Oh, did you see the big sale this past weekend online for Simplicity Patterns? They were $1.99 each so I got permission from The Hubby and ordered 10 patterns… it was a shocker when I saw the shipping price for them almost doubled my cost, that’s okay though it was still a very good deal on patterns! Now I will add to my massive stash of patterns just waiting for me to work on. lol

What did I order? I ordered mostly pajama like patterns, I plan to make some t-shirts and Lounge Wear type pants (that will hopefully look okay in public for dog walking etc). Why? My husband is now disabled as I have been since 1990… so comfort is very important for us, we both suffer from painful conditions. I will be dressing these patterns up for daytime wear. I did order a nightie pattern that could be worked into shirt patterns for me. And one very interesting pattern that looked like old Victorian under garments (if I remember correctly), I figure these could be a LOT of fun to make with different cloth for each Season as sleepwear… maybe some fun for under dresses (bloomers) or make the top into a dress or shirt… basically this pattern was too cool to pass up!

I shall post at another time what patterns I bought.

Mariah (Riah) 

House Hunting Rambles…Out of Frustration

Well, this past weekend we were back at it again. We went to about 12 houses all around our area and wore ourselves out for an over 6 hour House Hunting trip, in a car without air conditioning to cool ourselves in. As usual this was the preliminary look see… we drove to the house (hubby and myself) unless the house looked horrible or they still had people living there, we got out and looked around. We peered in windows, teetered as we walked gingerly on a porch that was not only falling apart but the steps were a hazzard. We looked at one or two homes that had some trim fall off since the picture was taken with a camera not exposing what the naked eye saw as rotting siding and trim etc.

Yes our price range is very low, we don’t mind, we like to make a house into our own home. 🙂 And more then likely anything we see will need a lot of work, we not only accept that but love the idea… as long as it’s not having serious issues such as foundation, roof etc. It’s a shame but the good ones are out there, but the sellers Agents are slow to post the places as under contract… heck they take line ups of bids, demanding the earnest money straight up from the people in line for the place and one even “forgot” to post that a place had been under contract for 2 Weeks and let us tour a house that was under contract for someone else by giving our Agent the combination for the lock box. Wow!!! Aren’t there any laws and if there are, don’t any of the Sellers Agents pay attention to them???

Well, hubby and I have run into the cream of the crop of sellers agents as you can tell in the past 3 months of house hunting… we’ve seen about 10 or more sellers Agents that seem to be forgetful and/or running a possible scam collecting peoples Cashiers Checks for earnest money “so that we can be number whatever in the line”. I am getting disheartened here we even were told that for one guy (I call him “Motorcycle Agent” cause he had to have his picture taken on his motorcycle in his flyer posted on the outside of a house in Longmont) actually called our Agent when we put in a bid on a house and say “are you serious” and sounded like he was going to NOT tell the seller of the bid we put out “because it was a joke”. Mind you this house was an old house that had some serious issues (if you ask me) with a do it yourselfer messing with turning a fireplace into a firehazzard by making it into an gas fireplace, with pipes going in and then coming out into an old space heater…. a kitchen that had the stove moved over to in front of a radiator for heat and a dishwasher half under the counter-top, so the area next to it was just counter-top and no cupboard below. What a mess, but charming “bones” on that house, it just needed work.

Ok, I got off on a tangent about the first place we bid on… that seems so long ago now. *shrug* But anyway my point being that there are sellers left and right that are doing things that are or should be illegal… we were told about Motorcycle Agents possibly not telling the seller of the bid by our Agent and the fact that this is illegal practice if it could be proven… and guess what the last time we looked the house is still on the market! Good luck to the poor little old lady that owns it and lost her husband a while back, I hope the Agent she has, has been up front with her.
I don’t like what i am seeing out there for sellers Agents… they seem to be running scams on at least these lower end houses and the prospective buyers.

Well, we may have found a house… once again! We are #4 in line here for this one… yup we know it and still went for it. This time at least they didn’t ask for the “earnest money” straight up to get us in line, just a copy of a personal check to show earnest money for now, until our number comes up (sort to say, lol). *whew*

Well… I people to see and shopping to do, so I must go.

Have a wonderful day! And to anyone who foolishly stumbles upon this rambling mess, I apologize. lol