Real -vs- Fake Mac Makeup

If you have a possible fake MAC eyeshadow, hold it next to a one that you know for sure is real. On some Fake MAC shadows the lid only opens 90 degrees and the MAC opens all the way.

Look at the pot where the eyeshadow is, the real eyeshadow pot the pan is contained in a dip and the fake the pain is raised.
On the bottom of the fake single shadows there is a compartment with a mirror and applicator… MAC eyeshadow never come with an applicator (they sell the brushes to use)
MAC uses Names not Numbers for their colors
If you are buying the questionable MAC product online, ask questions of the seller, request further photos & research research research.

Patience is a virtue, when buying a home.

Oh, I tell you, it’s not easy looking for homes if your not looking for something 150k or more! Be patient, they predict new homes will start being on the market soon as there are still many foreclosures still being held by the banks, yet to be released.

I have been hunting since May and I tell you what, I am exhausted! We have hit a lul in the houses here, not much new, the new ones that were only out a day 2 days ago are the newest listings we’ve seen. I suspect that the asking price of some of those higher priced houses will be going down soon.

Hang in there, I know I am, it will be worth it in the end.

Copy Your Favorite Tee – CraftStylish

Edited 5/22/2014: I originally posted this in 2011, but the link got broken when I moved this to my new blog (here), the link is repaired now.

Copy Your Favorite Tee – CraftStylish

I just had to add this link and share a post that I found! This is such a great idea… copying your favorite t-shirt a very thorough instructional post can be found here. Perhaps I could possibly use this to help me copy my favorite pair of lounge-wear pants that wore out. 🙂 Enjoy!

This is Sorry Sight for a Blog

Well, my Blog needs serious work at this point, but I sincerely hope to polish up my one project that I took time out to take pictures of and start writing about it. My crafting problem… ADD, when inspirations hits I run with it right away, unfortunately some crafts don’t get pictures taken of the progress or notes taken on how I did it, and of course some never seem to get done. lol

After going through so many wonderful blogs out there I feel really stupid. I have to admit that part of what is keeping me from doing much more is the fact that I don’t know if I want to create a Facebook page or a Twitter as well… I don’t know how to organize my posts. I have many craft ideas, many frugal money saving hints and tips as well as recipes for beauty, household etc… I have my research on beauty that I would love to share, my painting (I consider myself an artist) and just my daily rambles (like this one). OH and I almost forgot that I love taking pictures and I am teaching myself computer artwork/graphics and sometimes I mix the two.

Other then the above, I suffer severely from Fibromyalgia pain (since an accident in 1984 when it all started to go down hill), I have a painfully bad neck with degeneration of the discs, and I am fortunate to have my Systemic Lupus (Lupus SLE) under control. Now would I ramble on about this? Sometimes out of frustration and wanting to just get it out (whether or not anyone reads this junk) and to find a way to maybe connect with others like me.

I suppose writing all the above is a step in the right direction, now to just have the self discipline to sit down and take notes. And fix the look of my blog to make it my own. 🙂

Well, if you’ve listened to my rambling, I apologize, this is mostly for me and putting this forward (posting it) may just help me move forward with the blog and maybe I will get some advice. 🙂

(((hugs))) be well, be happy, my friends.

Inspiration Day for me…

I keep finding these wonderful money saving, crafty bloggers. Today, I said to heck with it and, I started following the inspirational blogs that I keep stumbling upon.

Todays, additions are from: where I’ve just kept clicking through their lists of crafting posts and when I found one that looked like it suited my taste I “followed” them. So far I am on page 12… lol I am not sure I can take much more inspiration without acting upon it, so I may quit looking at there list and get to work here. 🙂

I promise myself just 1 more page again as I get back to following some blogs. 🙂

Side Note: Doesn’t it always seem, like a crafter is always saying one more time, one more row with knitting or crocheting etc, and before you know it 2 more hours have gone by?