Cell phone ramble

What is up with the cell phones now? They say that they are MP3 players (like my Nokia 7510, AKA Super Nova), and they run out of room so easily. I even bought a 4 Gig memory card for it and the silly thing still says, now and then, that it’s out of memory. I have succeeded at erasing all but the proprietary “cannot be erased” sound files, pictures, wallpaper etc from the phone itself and still no satisfaction. Which brings me to my next complaint.
What is up with owning a cell phone when you cannot control what is on it and how I use it? I cannot use the Internet… I am ahead of myself here, let me explain. I have a terrible terrible connection to the Internet, my prior phone was the very first Razor V3, which was notorious for not having a good antenna in it and so not easily finding a network signal for phone calls. Yet the Razor V3 received a wonderfully strong connection to the T-Mobile network in my brick apartment. Now my Nokia 7510 has no signal and the shame of it all is that I paid extra for it and I cannot afford to replace it at this time. I did, without help of Nokia or T-Mobile (not for lack of spending a day on the phone with them) to make the stupid phone hook up to our home network using the wireless Wi-Fi, it took hours upon hours but I finally got it to work. But of course now I use the connection to my network in order to get cell phone usage at home, the darn thing only works in one room! Ok yes my Wireless Router via Qwest is about 7 years old and doesn’t send a signal out well, again I cannot manage at this time to buy or get a new one. Again I tried to work around this problem and made a tinfoil dish to add to the one antenna on the wireless router, this didn’t help much… now I can get barely into the hallway in my small apartment to still get a signal.
And speaking of home networks to get your cell phone to work on the Wi-Fi, what is up with a Internet ready phone that has all access to the Internet shut off unless you subscribe via your carrier (T-Mobile in my case) and here I am using my own WiFi, why then can I not use my own Internet service to connect it to the Internet if I am forced, more or less, to use my own router to even receive a phone call? I mean, I know they want to make their money by having us subscribe to the internet through them, BUT, I have a laptop and I can access a WiFi in my own house as well as at the nearby coffee shop. I think this proprietary stuff sucks, the phones give you promises that they cannot fulfill as a result of our cell phone providers adding proprietary junk to the cell phones in order control our usage and line their pockets.
When it comes to cell phones, I will go back to using Motorola products from now on, this Nokia falls short in so many ways. I do not get a reminder beep to let me know I have a message waiting for me or I missed a phone call, instead I get a blinking light, if I am staring at my phone for long enough to see the signal, of the light blinking, I may as well open up the cellphone and check for myself, which I often end up doing anyway.
Now for cell phones with newer