Early Morning Surfing

I was surfing the internet early this morning, I couldn’t sleep with terrible pain in one finger (can’t touch it without cringing in pain, I don’t understand why)… anyway, while I was searching I thought I would share with you another way to find your chance to win things you could really love to win. I will search the internet for something that I really want but I cannot afford, or I wouldn’t buy for myself but would love to have.

When I think of something that I really want and cannot afford, I will run a search with the product and add to that search the words “drawing, sweepstakes, contest” and you can be amazed at what you can find to your liking to enter.

Sometimes while searching I will just search the above keywords with the word “beauty” or “cars” etc. This is how I ran across this blog and I thought I would share this link with you, it not only has Sweepstakes by Prize Category, they also have them listed by types.

Free Sweepstakes

Well, ok, enough typing for me, it’s hard to avoid this painful finger and I am in a lot of neck and shoulder pain… here’s hoping you find some wonderful contests out there to win, take care!

EDIT: wow, I just noticed that this link is not chalk full of up to date listings, but hey it will give you an idea of what is out there. Perhaps, if I start feeling up to it soon, I will get on here and list out the links to the places that I frequent for listings that are categorized so you can check out some fairly lively ones. 

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